Prime ecosystem and it's potential

This is not a feature request just thoughts from my overall view of technology of today and what could be possible or what I can imagine. These are possible right now, but likely will not be implemented.

One thing I can imagine that when you have your 2 prime decks hooked to the x1800 mixer an icon will appear on the deck screens, FX Pad. When you hit that icon you’ll have x-y multi touch pad on the screen that could control the mixer’s fx from for that deck’s channel. I could be done the same for what’s onboard the deck also (I remember the dn-s3500 and s1200 having fx on the decks).

Having computers built into the units and the networking capabilities makes almost anything possible.

What do you guys imagine?


Oh completely, yes! So many possibilities! And that is a good one!


That’s not a bad idea. Pre-echo would also be a nice effect to have on the players, as it’s something that cannot be done on the mixer. X-Y effects might even be something I could tolerate in lieu of the moving waveform and the BPM if they never give us the ability to outright hide info and customize what we see… not that I want to give them any reason not to impliment that :slight_smile:

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I thought of this when I attempted to map my deck to Traktor. On pioneer decks, in controller mode, they have pages on the screen that you can map. I looked at my beautiful screen and thought x-y pad would be cool to control Traktor fx and then I thought hey Denon could do something like this for their own ecosystem.

I predicted hybrid mode before Denon actually implemented it.

They can do other things like using the display info for the hc4500 as done with Traktor and incorporate it into the prime’s deck display. I took advantage of that as shown here

Who knows what can or will happen, Denon has got a lot on their plate and the prime system is for sure little more than a handful. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

Keep it coming Denon