REALLY Denon ? SC 6000?

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I think the new SC6000 looks great. It definitely looks more professional and at home in a DJ booth. Personally, i really like my SC5000’s but will think about changing once i get a hands on with the new gear. As i posted on another thread, the only concern is that the original Denon gear is losing a lot of value and fast. For the whole Prime eco system to take off long term then i think the SC6000 really needs to find its way in to clubs. To do that they need to get Engine Prime up to speed with Rekordbox. I imagine that now all the hardware is done the focus will be on the software. Hopefully this year will be a big year for Prime firmware and software.


As some others have mentioned, the resale value on Prime probably isn’t being helped by one or two “Reputation Assassins” on here who claim to have found various problems and will even twist discussions about other models or questions back round to their “look how clever I was to find this”. Several people have mentioned how boring and repetitive those one or two people are, as they keep posting, waiting indefinitely for some sort of pat on the head.

I found those posts with in the first few hours of joining the forum, which means that someone visiting the forum to find out whether it’s worth buying a previously owned Prime model could find all those dubious “findings” too and be put off purchasing, which in turn, drives down resale values

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The only ‘sad’ part about de 6000’s for me, Is not having enough money to upgrade from my 5000’s right now :smile: :smile: :smile:

From a 5000 to a 6000 is no upgrade at all really. Slightly bigger screen and an internal pocket for a hard drive.

Yes, I both agree and disagree at same time - Bigger jogwheel is a plus and internal SSD too is very nice. I believe the first or maybe the second firmware will be different from 5000 to 6000, as a lot more info can be displayed on the 6000 screen. I bought my 5000’s about a year ago, but realisticaly, 3 years is not bad for new decks to hit the market - surelly the 7000’s @ 2023 will be pretty insane :slight_smile:

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I agree Engine Prime is not on par yet. I already suggested Denon to make this an open source project. That way, enthousiasts will make sure this tool develops more rapidly, get all the features needed and mature much more quickly. In open source version, with Denon controlling the project of course, this would kick Pioneer of the throne very rapidly.

Having said that, the players themselves are more than okay. Sure, there are also bugs but ok, they’ll be dealt with in due time I guess.

I prefer the look of the SC5000 to be honest. The buttons in full colors are cool. The new SC6000 looks a but 80’s if you ask me.

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Hello Denon DJ first thanks for your support SC5000M with Serato DJ …works great even i connect usb all in 1 SC5000M and only 1 USB cable to My Macbook pro and works great NO need HUB … My question is … I really will like screens work on serato like work on Standalone Unit … Imean Big Waveforms on all Screen and all characteristics …, I am very happy with the work but only need this change please …


Check this out:

I prefer the looks of the SC5000 to be honest.

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I’m new to Denon with a pair of sc5000ms and an 1800, and I’ve already had some worrisome problems, and being as how they are updating core functionality in these firmware updates means there are still serious issues that need to be addressed, and should have been 2 years ago already.

I agree with OP that It is really disconcerting when new hardware is pushed while the old hardware still has gaping holes.

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Not necessarily. Although the “OS” software might be mostly generic, it’s still up to Denon DJ to release the software for the various different devices out there. If they decide to drop support for the SC5000 somewhere in the future, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Furthermore, beat grid analysis and bpm calculation should be fixed in Engine Prime first. Did anyone mention this before? Oh wait… :slight_smile:


I don’t think they will drop support for the 5000 line. They are still selling them and for people like me who just purchased them, well I don’t even know but it would be terrible.

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I’m pretty sure they won’t drop support for the SC5000. No worries.

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The problems I experienced with the SC5000 are:

  • No more sound on Layer A: rebooting it solved it. Thank God this happened after the track was done.
  • When you press the play/pause button on a layer with a long slow-down time, and when then switching to the other layer on that deck, the sound of the spinning down layer is cut. I would expect it to keep playing until it completely stopped like a turn table would.
  • When you press CUE while the player was playing and the motorized platter was spinning, sometimes the player does not respond immediately. You have to make sure the platter is completely stopped, then wait a second, or two, and only then you can start adjusting again by using the platter.
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Tested and confirmed. Made a bug report for you…

Heart this…

Correct. The SC5000 remains in the product line and will continue to receive updates. The only change is that the SC6000 now becomes the ‘flagship’ model.


Phew! Had me worried with some people saying it would be dropped!