Random Struttering during playback

I have an intermittent issue with my prime 2. It randomly glitches/stutters on deck 2 occasionally - only deck 2, never experienced this on deck 1. Tried changing the settings in preferences/utility to see if my specific combination of settings was having a peculiar or unique impact? Doesnt appear to be an issue? The problem is intermittent and effects different parts of the track at different times so its not the track. Doesn’t seem to be related to type of file either, mp3, flac etc.

Ive uploaded a youtube video demonstrating the issue: Random Stuttering on Prime 2 - YouTube

Is the sensitivity of the jog wheel sending a message to the player? Or is it an internal memory playback issue?

Are Denon aware of this issue? Is it worth waiting to see if a firmware update sorts this? Is anyone else had this issue?

Should I return my unit?

What media are you playing the music from? USB flash drive, SD card, external drive, internal drive?

Most recently it was from the top usb slot. So a 8GB usb flashdrive, FAT32 I also experienced it on my internal SSD which is also exFat format, 1 partition.

Signed up to tidal and you can see its stuttering pretty heavily during playback.

Watch Youtube video here: https://youtu.be/X1eKsfSdr6c

Not entirely sure how songs are processed on the prime 2 whether they are temporarily downloaded or if they are held in a temporary memory bank or something but it doesn’t appear to matter whether or what media source the song is being played from.

In this second video below… It seems to indicate that it might be the “Vinyl button” so could this be a slip mode issue with the platter? In the tests that i have run it only seems to occur when vinyl mode is engaged.

see video here: https://youtu.be/h7QgoE5-WFQ

Any help would be appreciated.


I have exactly the same problem, have attempted to contact Denon support twice and still not heard anything back. Was unsure if it was software related or just faulty hardware.

I sent it back to my retailer who in turn sent it back to Denon who replaced it. Took about 10 or so days.

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