Queries on Stand Alone usage

When in Stand-Alone Mode, eg: No computer connected, there’s not much of the rest of your system that could cause a problem for you, but if you are having difficulties, please cut’n’paste the following blank form into a new post in THIS topic and list what you’re using. Mention only ONE problem on this form - Keep it clear and defined.

  1. How many storage devices and what memory size, make and model, do you have connected to the MCX8000 ? eg: A 32mb Kingston Thumbdrive, and a Seagate 1TB USB3 pocket hard drive

  2. Is there still a computer plugged into the USB port on the rear of the MCX8000 when you’re using Stand Alone Mode?

  3. What Is the Nature of the problem that you experience - eg: Left Screen Freezes while I’m using Left Hand Side controls, Left Screen Freezes while I’m using Right Hand Side Controls?

  4. When you experience the problem, are both sides of the MCX8000 running Stand Alone Channels or was one side on PC/MIDI mode?

  5. Did you have anything plugged into the USB Hub on the back of the MCX8000 when the problem happened - if so, what? eg: Charging a mobile phone, running a hard drive with no other power supply

  6. What was the source of the music file that you were playing? itunes? I ripped it from a CD? Beatport? A friend? Purchased download from other unnamed supplier, other? (please comment)

  7. In minimum stand-alone mode, there would be the power supply for the MCX8000, speakers or amplifier for master output, headphones and the USB device where the music files are stored (which you’ve mentioned above) - Please list any other items which were connected to your MCX8000 when your problem occured: eg: Electric Guitar in Phono socket? DVS interface? Pair of Vinyl Record Decks? A microphone with phantom power?

Hi DJ_Boothe.

When raising queries on Stand Alone usage, are you asking for us to put it in a ‘reply’ to THIS topic as I have done with this message. Or do you mean to start a Topic in the MCX8000 section, as i did with the ‘USB thumb drive choice for Standalone’ post. Does this make sense?


Cheers Bricabracboy… the idea is to copy all the question text, then paste that into a reply on this same thread, typing your specific answers into the gaps between each question…

But wait…

The Denon engineers have been asked for any extra questions or situations which they may want to have added. So hold off replying for a couple of days please :slight_smile:

Thanks for that DJ_Boothe, I figured that’s what you meant, I just wanted to check.

The reason I ask is because I have a specific problem with the Prepare feature that I want to share and see if anyone else is having trouble with it too.

But I’ll hold off for now…

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One of the features that I think is missing, is that I can not record the DJ set. May she be possible?

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