Auto loop question and more

Two Questions (Maybe more):

  1. Why can’t a person list more than one problem in this forum regarding stand alone mode?

2a. Why does it matter what brand the USB drive is? The only thing that should matter regarding the USB is size or speed, otherwise the USB drive shouldn’t work well on any device. 2b. Why does it matter if the mode switch was on PC/MIDI? Stand alone mode only works when the switch is on that mode. Right? 2c. Why does it matter whether or not something is plugged into the hub? Correct me (again) if I’m wrong, but the hub is only there as a extension to the computer that maybe plugged in. 2d. Why does it matter where the music came from? The engine software should workout or at least identify any problems with the music files before actually reaching the MCX8000 (that’s been my experience at least).

I asked these questions because the nature of the problem I have is not related to anything external or a accessory that connects to the controller. I feel like these questions are redundant and the nature of the problem should lead directly to what problem truly is.

With all that being said, my problem is with the auto loop. When I’m using stand alone mode, if I set the auto loop for 16 bars, then press the que button for any reason, the auto loop dis-engages and resets automatically to 8 bars. This happened in Serato a couple of times, but it happens all the time in stand alone mode. This is a very frustrating problem.

AI’ve moved your question to its own topic.

Historically if a topic gets too involved some people won’t answer or follow it just to read the one query which they wanted to know the answer to.

With regards to USB brand, the reason why brand, and other characteristics, can make a difference is, as with many things, some USB sticks are better than others - cheap brands could offer a 16gb stick by having 16 x 1 gig chips or 32 half gig chips or 2 x 8gb chips etc… which could give different results. Some sticks “offer” data encryption, which is nice for windows and Mac OS computers, but can cause issues for media players if windows/OS X drivers are required to read the data back off the stick correctly.

Music source can have an effect on playback also - as it’s been shown historically that some rippers and other 3rd party tag editors, silence trimmers, album art finders etc can corrupt the files and again that can lead to issues. It would be impossible to even count how many free and paid for utilities there are out there for just the above tasks, let alone somehow program a finite piece of code to re-write or adapt audio file headers to rectify the damage caused by such 3rd part apps:

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