Problems editing the beatgrid in SC6000

Hi there,

I got the Denon SC6000 players since a couple of days and am pretty happy with them. But somehow I cannot change beat grids within the player (for all my tracks, see 1) below) and in Engine (just some tracks, see 2) below).

  1. Within the player, I can enter the edit beat grid set-up, but none of the buttons do anything. They light up when I press them but nothing happens. It’s pretty annoying.

  2. A relatively common analysing problem is that Engine gets the downbeat wrong, so that it is is set one beat too late. For these tracks, I also have some issues on the Engine desktop software. More specifically, I cannot use the usual ‘downbeat left’ buttons. (I can however use the below shift left, so this is not too dramatic. However, there must be something wrong).

I checked my tracks in Engine and they are not locked. The problem persists with my (own) bought tracks as well as with Tidal tracks. Most of my tracks are downloaded from iTunes and I imported them on the internal SSD of the SC6000.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

Are you able to share a video showing the problem with your local tracks and tidal tracks

Sure I could do that, but the issue is quite straightforward actually, not sure if a video adds anything:

  1. I cannot edit beat grids on my players, for all of my tracks.
  2. where the downbeat is one too late per analysis, I also have problems in Engine Desktop, where iI cannot use the ‘shift downbeat left’ button.

That’s pretty much it.

There is an old bug with some particular type of tracks that have been imported from Serato. I have never experienced the same with Tidal tracks, that is why requested a video to see.

Reanalysis usually fixes the local files in Engine DJ (desktop)

There is no way to reanalyse Tidal tracks

Thanks a lot for your insight. The thing is, I did not import any of those tracks from Serato. They were just in my iTunes download folder (although my Serato has access to these tracks as well, but that shouldn’t matter).

Is the known problem the same that the beatgrid cannot be edited within the players?

Bit off-topic. But somehow my player says every time I start it up, that there is no source drive and so cue-points, key etc cannot be saved. Which is strange, cause I have an internal SSD in the player. Do I miss something?

Did you add the tracks directly to Engine DJ or did you use the itunes import integration?

See the thread below

I just drag and dropped them directly from the folder that they are saved on on my computer. I did not want to mess with the import thing since everybody says that these things don’t work so well with engine…anyways, here we are. :-/

Did reanalyse solve the issue with the local tracks ?

So you mean I need to re-analyze the track in engine desktop an then sync again to the internal drive? Just try to make sure I get it right. :slight_smile:

Yes. Try that first.

Okay, re-analyzing didn’t fix the issue unfortunately. It still marks the downbeat at the 2nd beat and ‘downbeat left’ button makes it jump to the 5th beat of the song.

Re-analyzing also doesn’t really solve the issue that I have with beatgridding from the players themselves; which is the way bigger problem for me.

Dear @Marek_Reuter,

the problem you are struggling with seems not to be only a problem with the “SC6000” and a proper working downbeat is a never ending story.

So pls. have a look at

There are several links to similar topics. Phps. you find some assistance there and pls. feel free to vote for the feature request.

Thanks in advance, good luck and enjoy beatmatching.



Hi and thanks for your comment. I went through these posts, and while I sympathise, I think my problem is a different one.

I cannot edit the beatgrid AT ALL within my SC6000 players. The buttons simply don’t work.

Dear @Marek_Reuter,

sxxxt, and sxxxt happens.

I regret, not being able to assist you, but phps. here will be another user, who can do this.

Good luck