Grid Shifts (and other gripes)


I’m quite green with Denon, coming from Pioneer and having the Prime Go for a couple of weeks. I’m generally enjoying the Prime Go - having the ability to sit in the front room and prepare things, but there are issues: I’m seeing some frustrating problems with the track grids. The main issue is that I made a whole playlist on the prime last night, coming back to it this morning I’ve notice in shift on the track grids slightly taking the beat markers off the beat. I’ve compared these to the original files in Engine Prime were they are all correct as expected - Why is this? It on about 80% of the tracks.

Secondly, i’ve realized i don’t have the ability to sync that new playlist back to Engine Prime which is really frustrating - Making what I thought a big part of the Prime GO was all about - preparing tracks/playlists.

Also, some track grids in my collection are unable to be edited within the Prime Go. I’m not entirely sure why this is - possibly they were locked in Rekordbox (Is that a possible issue? I’m a bit lost on why this is happening). I can go into edit mode with the track but I can’t shift the grid or alter the markers etc as expected. It seems they are editable if i reanalyse them in Engine Prime and resync.



I encounter similar with specific files in serato.

The ones i have spotted are tracks that have the beat marker further in the track. eg say a song that starts on the 2, then you set the downbeat at the next 1 beat in Serato.

2-3-4, then 1

If add those files to the engine os, editing the grid becomes problematic.

But i’m partially able to use the jog in grid edit mode though, but it moves the grid abnormally. Can you try that?

Sync back is to copy performance data back to main collection eg hot cues, loops, beatgrid changes you made whilst using the Go.

It doesnt sync back new playlists created on the Go (punning)

never came across this. what format is the USB stick on the Go? exFat or Fat32? could be your changes were not saved due to 4gb limit, if its fat32

Thanks for the reply mufasa, i appreciate the insight. I’m going to have look deeper into why some of these files can’t be edited - It could be the 2-3-4,1, I’ll have to check, but I am locked out of using the jog to alter the grid.

The playlist issue will have to be something to work with for now, i’m guessing this will come with an update.

i’ve checked the USB (it’s actually an SD I’m referring to) 512gb formatted as exfat on a mac. I might wipe it, format it on a PC then give it another go.

You can also check the files in EP to see if it’s grid-locked. There will be a padlock in the grid column.

Yep, I came here looking for answers to what exactly happened to the OP. I am on windows 10 and had the grids move ever so slightly when played back on prime go. I also had tracks I couldn’t change the grid on but are fine in EP.

Can you send one of the files? I can test on the 5/6k

Perhaps this is a Go specific issue

It’s good to know I’m not the only one. I did reformat the SD on Windows this time and did a fresh sync, Sadly, I did come across a track quite soon on that was locked out to edit on the Prime Go (there’ll be others, I have no doubt), I’ve not had the time to go back through Engine and Rekordbox as yet

I wasn’t able to figure out how to change the BPM or tap the BPM on the Prime Go. If that’s truly not possible, then we either need that, or manual loops, because otherwise your loops completely rely on the BPM being correct, and that would be kinda emberassing.