Cannot change the beatgrid within SC6000 players

Hi there, [I am posting this again, as my previous post was in the wrong category and didn’t get much attention]

I got the Denon SC6000 players since a couple of days and am pretty happy with them. But somehow I cannot change beat grids within the player (for all my tracks, see (1) below) and in Engine (just some tracks, see (2) below).

(1) Within the player, I can enter the edit beat grid set-up, but none of the buttons do anything. They light up when I press them but nothing happens. It’s pretty annoying.

(2) A relatively common analysing problem is that Engine gets the downbeat wrong, so that it is is set one beat too late. For these tracks, I also have some issues on the Engine desktop software. More specifically, I cannot use the usual ‘downbeat left’ buttons. (I can however use the below shift left, so this is not too dramatic. However, there must be something wrong).

I checked my tracks in Engine and they are not locked. The problem persists with my (own) bought tracks as well as with Tidal tracks. Most of my tracks are downloaded from iTunes and drag-and-dropped them into Engine DJ Desktop and from there synced to theSC6000’s internal SSD (Serato has access to write on these files as well, but I did not import them from Serato)

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

I had the same issue. Re-Analyzing the “locked” tracks in Engine DJ helped.

Which issue did you have, (1) or (2)? For problem (1) re-analyzing cannot be the proper solution. I cannot always re-analyze my tracks when they suddenly get locked, all info on cue-points etc is lost.

Regarding problem (2), I tried re-analyzing and while I can re-analyze, the problem still persists.

I’ll close the other topic then!

you could try a new database?

1. Zipped Folder Method (Uses existing collection)

Back up your collection by zipping your system’s Music \ Engine Library folder. This is where your system collection is stored. You can unzip this folder to repair your Engine Library at any point in time. Just delete the damaged Music \ Engine Library folder first, and then replace with the zipped version.

Hi, and thanks again for answering! :slight_smile:

So I do what you explained above and then sync my collection again with the player’s internal SSD?

No. I will advise sync to a spare usb stick then try that stick on the device

My answer was in regards to (1). I’m not saying it’s the proper solution, just that it fixed the problem for me. Re-Analyzing will shift (not delete) your hot cues.

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Okay, I now tried the new database and the same problem still persists. (I have to say that I did not try it on a spare usb since I did not have one at hand currently. But I formatted the SC6000’s internal SSD, so it should be the same as with a spare, blank usb drive).

Or do you think there is something wrong with my internal SSD?

Did I mention that I also cannot edit beat grids of Tidal tracks within the SC6000, so not only my iTunes downloaded tracks.

A different usb stick/sd card would outrule SSD problem

But I don’t understand why Tidal tracks are having same issue.

Perhaps you may want to try it flashing the Engine DJ OS again.

Yeah, I understand where you are coming from with the spare USB. Will give this a try as well, if the suggestion with Engine OS doesn’t work. Thanks so much for all your help.

Do you by any chance know if there is a guide around on how to de- and re-install Engine OS from the players, couldn’t fine anything.

…ah and that makes me think - the problem occurs on both of my players, so that makes it rather unlikely that it is the OS, or?

Oh and another thing came to mind. The internal SSD was previously partitioned with GUID. I removed all partitions, but could this still somehow cause problems?

Just to make sure - the issue with the Tidal tracks is that I cannot change the grid (not that it gets analysed incorrectly).

You can test with a single partition, keep it as a single partition GUID or MBR.

Another thing you could try is to remove the SSD completely, Load a track from Tidal and try to edit the grid or use the Unit without the SSd and don’t network it

Hi Mufasa,

for some strange reason I can now edit the beat grids again. It does still not work with the ‘one beat jump’ button, but I can move the grid with the platter. This is good enough for me.

I have no idea why this is working now.

Anyways, thanks so much for your patience and great suggestions - I guess I learned some things. :slight_smile:

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what button? the one on the screen? or the physical button?

The one on the screen when in the change beat grid menu (1st page). Can I use the physical button in this menu to shift the beat grid?

Ah, I just discovered that RE-analyze is actually doing something else than analyze. Nice that re-analyze just changes beatgrid and bpm and keeps everything else (saved cues etc.).

Not that i’m aware off. Just wanted to be sure we are on the same page.

So when you push the touch screen button for those 2nd beat tracks from tidal, what happens?

Nothing, that button (the ‘move one beat left/right’) does not work for any of my tracks, even if analysed correctly. Strangely, the second page of the beatgridding page works without problems. :man_shrugging:

Wait a minute. How do you access beatgrid edit menu?

Which second page are you referring to? Move cues?

That sounds strange. I had that with a couple of tracks before. But certainly not with all. Did you try another thumb drive with a few of your tracks?