Cannot change the beatgrid within SC6000 players

I access the menu by pressing shift and the scroll button. This brings me to the ‘first’ page (where no buttons are working). On that page, when I hold the scroll button I get to ‘the second page’ I was referring to. And on that second page I am able to move the grid.

So far I didn’t, no. But that it also happens to my Tidal tracks lets me think that it has nothing to do with the drive. Anyways, I will try to do it at some point (waiting for a new USSB) and be sure to report back here.

Shift + Hold down SELECT/ZOOM knob = Shift HOT CUES

Hold down SELECT/ZOOM button knob = Grid Edit

if the buttons light up as green when pressing it, look at any hot cues you have set and you will see the them moving. This function is to correct CUE shifts that could happen when other libraries eg Traktor, rekordbox, Serato are imported to Engine.

Stop pressing SHIFT.


Oh damn. Now I feel really bad. Sorry, I was not even aware that there is a move cue-point function (which is awesome). I just intuitively assumed this was a beat grid menu as I associated the symbols with a beat grid menu.

Sorry for unnecessarily taking up so much of your time by stupidly missing this. Anyways, your help is highly appreciated, mate!

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Glad it’s no broken software or hardware on your end!

The hot cue shift mode is really cool. If your grid is off and you correct it on the player, you can move all hot cues at once to re-align them with the grid.

That’s a feature that (sadly) isn’t even present in Engine DJ.

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