Prime 4 screen burn-in

I left my decks on all day, now the screen has burn-in from the track listing that was on there. that is a damn shame. if the screen is susceptible to burn in there should at least be a feature that switches it off after no activity.

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Hey @jalderwood, thanks for posting! Could you please provide a pic/video of your screen for us?

Alright so it had been off all day when i went to take the picture, and when i switched it back on i was pleasantly surprised to find no ghosted imagery on the display. must be one of those “self healing” screens.

i don’t know if you’ve seen this before. i don’t know what would happen if i left it on all the time as i often do with my gear. i don’t like the idea that if i left for the weekend and forgot to switch it off, the screen might be damaged. have you not seen this effect previously?

A screen timeout is definitely a necessity on all LED panels. To save the life of the product alone. options of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or disabled


I really want the FX OLED to move or bounce around to stop the burn-in. I’ve not experienced it yet but I’m genuinely concerned as I have my Prime on for 4 hours per night, 7 days a week.

A better solution is needed.

Maybe the display slot goes off until an FX knob is touched? It needs something.

@MrWilks you don’t have to worry about that if you have it on every day for a few hours. i had mine on for probably a day and a half and was left with what looked like burn-in, but it went away. this is a phenomenon that only happens when you leave a screen on for long periods with no change in what’s on the screen. (the original purpose of a screensaver.) you SHOULD be able to do that in 2019 without burn-in. hellnegative’s point is that leaving a screen on indefinitely while not in use is not good practice for the life of the screen. personally i have led displays that have stayed on for literally years with no burn problems, although one did just burn out. we need to hear from denon what we should expect from this screen.

The burn out is usually due to the resistors on the board failing over time. Surface mounted resistors are super prone to either failing due to being hot for too long. THey are the little tiny black rectangles with numbers on them.

Buy a timer switch so that everything switches off at 4 am :mantelpiece_clock:

Hi all, some good suggestions here, please add them to:

thanks J

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I’ll drop a suggestion in soon. Just in Hamburg for the day.

The Prime 4 is doing me proud in the club in a cruise ship (probably the only one installed at sea?).

The OLED burn in was very strong on the X1800 so the nervousness with my Prime 4 was always there but suppose the timeout will help.

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Hi @jalderwood, this is a weird situation but I’m glad to hear that it’s resolved. We put all of our products through rigorous testing, and have not run into this ourselves. Please contact us again if you experience this ‘burn-in’ again, and pictures/video will definitely help. Lastly, adding a screen saver is a terrific feature request for PRIME 4, please be sure to like the post to get it under our Dev Team’s radar!

This is incorrect. A burn that appears in a screen is normally when its been left on for long periods of time but the screen image does not change so when you turn it off it leaves a ghost image of what was on the screen at the time which is why its called a image burn or ghost burn it as nothing to do with the resistors or anything thing on the circuit board.

You will never get a burn on the screen if you are using the Prime at the time for those 4hrs. The image burns only come from a image that as been on a screen for long periods of time and burns in.

Very true.

However, burn in on OLED is rife. Have you seen the burn in on the X1800 thread? I have friends with burn-in from the keyboard on their Samsung Galaxy S7s. Long periods of time with the same image causes burn-in and I want to see a little more prevention. I start work at 9:45pm and finish at 3 or 4am for 7 days a week. If I’m not changing the FX often enough then it’s most probably going to leave the ghosted image. It’s happening on the X1800.

If the risk is reduced then we won’t see this: X1800 Mixer Feature Requests

There are clear images and people suffering on the X1800. A better screensaver option is the only way forward.

The surface resistor comment was referring to another post about LCD/LED screens dieing (going black) from extended use.

Ah sorry you was on about the FX screens. Yeh ive actually never looked at them but i will now to check as i never really mess with the FX stuff in my mixes.

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This same thing happened to me a few days ago, but only needed 5 hours to get the “image fixation” effect. The difference is that I forgot to remove the plastic screen protector that comes with the Prime 4 while the unit was turned on. When I removed the protector the screen was pretty hot and the “Load user profile to player” window was fixed like a shadow in the screen even after rebooting the unit. I turned off the Prime 4 and let the device to chill for several hours. After that turned it on again and the shadow in the screen was gone, fortunately. Now I’m using the Prime 4 with the brightness turned to the medium setting instead the max setting. And yes, the unit needs some kind of screensaver or whatever for preventing a irreversible image burn.

Any update on this Denon? Just got this after 3 hours with my Prime 4. We really need a simple screensaver.

@SHAYDED How did you resolve this issue? I am experiencing the same thing.