Prime 4+ Laggy, Jittery Waveforms


Yesterday I took a video of my prime 4+ waveforms acting very laggy and jittery for the community to see. I am running the latest firmware and was wondering if anyone else has witnessed the same issue as in the video. Techs, if you see this could you please work on a fix for this? Thank you!

I’ve attached a link to both videos

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HI Andrew, I took a look at your video, I think @Reese will be able to explain it better than I can but basically the waveform is no longer stored in full inside the DB due to it bloating the DB file size, so it now renders live as the track plays which causes this slight visual issue.

There was a lengthy discussion on another thread (that I cant find) whereby it was calculated how many times it would happen per track and the likelihood of seeing it at the time it happens… it was also concluded its nothing more than a cosmetic glitch that doesnt impact the music or the alignment of the grids as it corrects itself as it flickers.

Edit: try here


Same here in 4 plus more evidenced with stems ……

I wouldn’t mind having or needing a larger storage medium if this meant that there were no jumps and a larger range of waveforms could be seen. More zoom out.

I think it was more to do with the bloated DB having negative impacts elsewhere in the system over just space.

Also consider say a 128gb USB stick, would people put up with 20gb of that drive taken up with the DB file? I know I wouldn’t as I don’t have that much space left.

I honestly expected more from a device like the Prime 4 Plus. I have tried the stems and there is still a lot to improve, stem loading is very slow, they sound quite bad…. and it is also already negatively impacting other aspects of the equipment such as something as basic as the moviment of waveforms…. I don’t know how they are going to do it. The equipment is said to be the same processor, I don’t see much room for improvement. I feel a little disappointed. I don’t have much hope that it really is an improvement over the Prime 4. I think stems in this equipment has been a trick marketing for sales……

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This Wikipedia page may be of use to you, specifically the part around ‘Beta Testing’

Software testing - Wikipedia

Software release life cycle - Wikipedia

Don’t try Pioneer then please.


I tried Rx3.

I know. Time tell if the device CPU has a more room for improve stems and no influence in good performance …… i have my doubts…. but if they get it , perfect

At a guess, id say there are going to be a good few more Beta releases before the live version is rolled out. Its still only on Beta 1 as far as i can see, and i dont see many people providing feedback on that part of the forum, so the best thing Prime 4+ owners can do is lots of testing, lots of reporting back so improvements can be made.

They do around 10fps. Constant jitter and lag on every single movement. It isn’t what I call smooth… but that might be me. CDJ3000 seems to be a bit better than 10fps, but still not smooth.

I hope we can have improvements on the 20 to 30 second waveform “freeze” on the 50fps the Primes have.

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That’s why you’re -trying out- the free beta version. You (and everyone else) is months away from any sort of public / mainstream version of stems

It’s still the only stems offering in a standalone system, even in its infancy beta version.

Yes, we are debating … first betas…. But do you think that the Prime 4 Plus processor will be enough to do everything properly and smoothly?

Not a clue from my end, dont know the specs of it. InMusic obviously think so however.

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It would have enough to split 2 tracks into 2 part stems. The key would be the speed of the analysis. An old 10 year old computer can do stems if you give it at least an hour for analysis.

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@Javi_CG Hello Sr. I also have th P4+ and it also does the same with the waveforms. Since it’s just visually, and doesn’t affect the sound I don’t really care. The real problem is when the 4 channels are loaded and running simultaneously. The waveforms become blurry and a bit slow, but again, no performance issues or sound lag. That’s a minor concern for me, because I rarely have to run the 4 channels at the same time. The rest of the unit is fine, boot is fast, loading a deck is fast, track search is fast, no playing problems… I’m not complaining at all because I already knew what the unit is capable of, but I do agree that Denon should have used a more powerful processor and upgraded RAM, specially for the stems, because, yes it is true, the analysis is quite slow, but don’t forget is a beta.

By the way you’ll be disappointed with the Pioneer all in one units because of the lack of features and overpricing. I been using Pioneer stuff before I came back to Denon, was even considering the RX3 before the P4+, but two channels only, no SSD support, no onboard analysis, dull screen, the price and many more, deemed it a bad choice. And let’s not talk about the Opus quad thing…


Yes i agree. I owned a rx3 few months. Really what I miss the most is the waveform zoom out . Very helpful. Please vote if you consider a good idea.

I have also noticed waverform lag on my Prime 4+. It is virtually constant when 4 tracks are playing. It seems to be on the cusp of handling 3 tracks, but there are still some jitters there as well. I do agree with @Efren that it’s not a necessarily a showstopper, as the sound stays consistent. It is definitely disappointing though. A bit of a bait and switch to release a 4 track unit that doesn’t quite have the processing power to smoothly display 4 tracks.

It’s just cosmetic and the team are aware of it. It’s something planned to get better and has no effect apart from a stutter/jitter on the waveform. There’s plenty of CPU and memory power on even the oldest of units to do four decks. There’s a lot going on under the hood and although the Rockchip used goes back almost 10 years, it’s still a very capable system in 2024.

It’s been stated that it will be improved on an upcoming version so we should see improvements across all Engine OS hardware (it’s not just a P4+ issue).

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I guess it’s a big problem for people who cannot beatmatch without looking at waveforms :grimacing:

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