Prime 4+ Laggy, Jittery Waveforms

And even then, its still not actually an issue as the waveforms don’t misalign with each other from my experience, the visual aide of aligning the grids is still oerfectly usable if someone needs to.

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Way back when Atomix first announced native support for the Prime series, they stated that the refresh rate of the screens was low, and having large moving things made it visible, so they designed the skins on the Prime screens with smaller waves.

To be fair I believe the Prime 4 is the only standalone that shows 4 waveforms at once, so I definitely appreciate them pushing the boundaries. It doesnt affect beatmatching by ear as you should be doing, so it really is an aesthetic issue.

I just find it unpleasant to look at. There are times when a waveform will completely stop for a second and then jump forward. Its just distracting more than anything.

All that said resources would be much better spent on getting stems into a usable state than on this.