New Firmware 2.5

Hi, I see on denon product download page there is a new firmware 2.5, but I couldn’t find any news about that and no release notes about Changes/Improvements, in the zip file there is only the .bin file.

Indeed. Probably somebody jumped the gun on uploading before the press release, get it before they pull it down :smiley:

The date of the bin file inside is 10 Jun and the version number jump (2.1 -> 2.5) tells it’s a bigger update than just macos compatibility or minor bugs fixed. Could it be that they finally made the lan port enabled???

well I see, noted. I will wait sometime before making the upgrade to see if its Changes/Improvements notes will be released.

Normally release notes are included in the download file… or???

Nope. Just the .bin file

@kradcliffe did you install it?

No, just downloaded. I’m working in the middle of nowhere today and won’t be back until later.

Without the associated notes, I wouldn’t even consider trying to install any firmware.

It might well be the final mcx8000 firmware ever, so one last huge purge of dozens of tiny adjustments, or it might simply be a firmware which is only needed by those who fit some bracket of people like Soundswitch users who use Serato, via some quirky Mac OS release, and Djing while wearing a baseball cap - such firmware doing nothing for other users.

Just have to wait and see.

With the MCX8000 it’s dead easy to roll back to a previous version so no risk in installing it really…


I’ve downloaded it and updated my MCX. Played for about 1.5hrs in standalone mode and seems pretty stable. The MCX now supports SoundSwitch and there’s probably a few other bug fixes included in the firmware (play history, etc.). I think Denon have finally checked off the list of everything promised upon release of the MCX. Any positive improvements are welcomed by me.


Still not very professional uploading the firmware to the MCX8000 page, not telling anyone and also not including release notes.

Mind boggles!


Hi all, please see the full release notes for MXC8000’s 2.55 Firmware update here:



Firmware is stable, history is recorded on the history panel, but is not marking them on blue while played on the library while you scroll for the next song. Let each played for 2min.


Hi :sunglasses: do u know which firmware ‘MCU 2074’ would be pal? Would this be 2.0 or 2.1?

Sorry, no idea. I’ve not used either of my MCX8000 controllers in months.

The current firmware (2.5) is MCU 2076

Seems like an excellent release

Cheers. Which one is 2074? :sunglasses:

Not sure of all of Firmware release numbers. The archives list Firmware 2.1 but nothing newer. MCU for 2.1 was 2073.

I wonder what on earth 2074 is then. This is what it says on mine