Some presale questions

  1. Can the device be controlled from other software, like Torq (which in theory should be able to control all controllable devices)?

KRADCLIFFE. As of your answer 1 and 4. Whats the difference? The first you say no, the second u say yes. Is it because the device cannot do it by itself? but u can do it yourself?

RICH4x4h & MIXLIVE. Prime 4 doesnt even have samples, as far as I can see!? And the light in pads are degraded to a small light strip, so then I could just keep my Traktor S4 which has the same slim light strip, BUT at least MIDI in & out.

This forum is very annoying with its obsctrugles. I couldnt edit my post and I cannot post new repys to differnt people - i have to wait all the time until someone responds first before I can write. It slows down the whole communication proces.

I encourage you to check There you’ll find answers to most of your question in regards to product capabilities. Currently the MCX8000 works with Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ. Also check out my full review on YouTube.

Did any upgrade add more effects than just the 3?

Only the 3 effects are available in standalone and Denon DJ has no plans to expand on what’s currently built in. When connected to software (Serato / VDJ) you will have access to all available. The MCX8000 works great with software giving you access to all the software’s features available. You are limited in capabilities in standalone, and the MCX does not have MIDI interfaces.

Thanx for the review. Im not using records anymore. So Im more interested in:

A) the preparation proces. If I put an USB stick into the USB plugin, what will be done automatically by the Engine software (with the latest update) and what can I do myself manually? in terms of BPM, gridmarkers, cuepoints, samples? If not, then its just like playing on an old sl1210, no features, just play (but with a waveform)!?

B) What can I use the sampler for/to? Can I somehow add my own samples, jingles etc.? And how? If not, whats it good for at all?

And can someone confirm that the sampler is removed from all other newer Denon devices?

C) Can I set cuepoints?

D) Can I set, correct & modify the beatgrid?

But cant it then at least be controlled OR synced via MIDI (if connected to the Serato software on a laptop), if that laptop has MIDI interface? Does Serato have MIDI sync settings inside of the software?

It doesn’t sound like the MCX8000 is for you. It sound as if MIDI and sample/drops are most important to you. Therefore, you’ll probably do best using Serato DJ Pro (SDJP) with a controller. SDJP has a MIDI feature as well as Sampler banks built in. I recommend purchasing a SDJP ENABLE controller. You’ll find a list on their website. My top recommendations would be Denon’s MC7000, Pioneer’s DDJ-SX3, or Mixars Primo. Currently, nothing on the market offers what you’re looking for as a standalone unit. A laptop will be required to accomplish this.

ACTUALLY: The Roland DJ series are SDJP compatible and has MIDI outs (505 / 707M / 808)

Good luck!

Can someone pls. answer my questions, instead of recommending other equipment?

We’ve all answered your questions. Did you read my last post? The MCX does not appear to be what you are looking for. As I mentioned before, you can download the full manual from Denon’s website.

Please do your research. A quick scan of the owners manual and looking at the numerous videos on YouTube published by the manufacturers and others would have answer most, if not all of your questions.

To be in more detail to questions on using the MCX without a computer:

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Cue Points, Yes. The rest, No
  5. No
  6. No
  7. Yes

I don’t think there’s any single piece of stand alone equipment which matches alll your requirements right now.

You’ll either need to wait and see what standalone kit comes out each year before purchasing or stay on a laptop and laptop software

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Im sorry if I have been unclear in some way.

But there were some answers like “not really” and “sort of” and “yes” one place but "no "another place to kind of the same question, and when I pointed my questions out as very specific a,b,c & d, then instead of answering, I just got “u r probably looking after something else” where “A” was what is the preparation proces? and “B” how can the sampler be used? as it says “sampler” on the pad buttons. And none of the a,b,c & d questions was specific to standalone unit. And then someone recommended Prime 4 which it doesnt look like have sampler buttons.

I have really looked on the denon website many times but coulndt find a feature list or manual - also seen a bunch of youtube videos of both the MCX8000 and Prime 4 and others but they are all a bit superficial to me, at least as everyone of course speaks about what is relevant for them, but no videos I have seen talk about the preparation of the tracks or the sampler.

I of course thank u all for taking your time to try answer.

So your answers, if we talk “mixlive” is the answers answers only to the standalone Engine software or how about with the Serato DJ usage? And can Serato DJ PRO be used for the device, perhaps with the updated releases?

Thanx in advance


I can see why u recommend the Roland DJ series, as they all have MIDI OUT and colored pads, thanx. Meanwhile Im still missing the 2 nice waveform displays :slight_smile:

@Rich4x4h: Maybe its not such a big issue to me if I have to use a laptop also, nevertheless it would have been awesome if a machine met my wishlist. But do u think there is a machine meeting it all, if it uses a laptop & software too?

Does any DJ controller have the cool transformer buttons next to each side of the crossfader as the Xponent controller had?

The SC6000 really looks cool btw in this comparison: ! :slight_smile:But also a much more expensive solution to buy 3 devices. Just sad they both have Traktor S4 pad button slim light line design.

Hi @Jay_DenonDJ nice to see a person from Denon DJ. I really love that!

I really think this device is cool, as I have seen it in action and really loves it, the design, the 2 screens, the full color pads, sampler etc. But I have some presale questions (yes it can still be bought in shops like

  1. What happens when I put an USB stick into the device with MP3 tracks? What is possible without having the MP3s drop by the software first?

  2. Can the standalone device or me on the device set the BPM, beatgrid, cuepoints and samples? Or what is the proces in getting those in place?

  3. Can I modify the beatgrid, if its wrong, either move it the whole grid or move single points, e.g. relevant with old songs and acapellas?

  4. Why did u remove the 2 displays and full color pads and sampler pad for the newer models? It was exactly what I like about the MCX8000. I hope it will come back in forthcoming versions? Your new devices pads now look like the old Traktor S4.

  5. Is it true u will not come with any new Engine / firmware updates to MCX8000? I hope the answer is no.

  6. Do u have a forum where people can report bugs & suggest new features? And do u listen to the customers? And do u involve your customers in a beta testing program?

  7. Will you please launch a DJ controller with “transformer buttons” on the sides of the crossfader? I really loved this feature of the innovative Torq/Xponent DJ controller! It works like this: When hold down the button, that channel gets full volume 127 and when released it gets 0 in volume, so you can perform rythmic mixing e.g. with a tone or chord or singing on one track over another track. This feature is SO important and relevant and known ever since the first DJing, nevertheless its only the Xponent device which had it… I Really miss this! And its the first thing Im looking after when new DJ controllers hit the market and unfortunately I get disappointed every time.

  8. In fact, when InMusic bought up Torq/Xponent its fans were told that the team would continue at inMusic on their existing brands and take all the good stuff with them to Denon, Numark etc. But in fact, I havent seen any of all the cool features form Torq/Xponent yet on any DJ controller on the market yet, and I really feel there is no controller fullfilling the big gab in the market when that cool controller disappeared from the market. E.g. incredible morphing crossfader, transformer buttons, samples, VST effects support, whole 10 buttons for samples/cuepoints, whole 4 effects, serie connected pre or post effects, cuepoints labels, freeform grid moving, complete MIDI controllable and MIDI in/out 5-pin plugs, easy right click on everything to reprogram everything, ability to put macros on buttons etc. etc. etc. Will you implement some of these things in near future on new controllers?

  9. Some people here in the forum states the device has sync issue sin standalone version and some salesmen talk about freeze issue with screens. Have u fixed those issues or will u launch an update fixing it soon?

  10. What/how can the sample buttons be used? I havent been able to find it described or shown anywhere yet. I would really like to be able to load my own samples, drums, jingles etc to the device and play it on the pads! Is it possible now? Either in standalone or with software? If not, will u pls. sap make an update with this possible?

  11. Will there be more effects than the 3 available, in an update in Engine?

  12. I’m a little confused about all the possible software versions working with the device. Engine 1.5 is preloaded right? And there is a 2.5 available? and the default software is Serato DJ? then I read about some updates to both of them and that Prime is now supporting all devices? or DJ Pro should also work on MCX8000? or? And Virtual DJ? What is best? Do they both offer samples and cuepoints?

  13. Will u come with a new version DJ controller with 2 screens, maybe bigger & with touch, keep full light pads, full advantage of sampling, 2 transformer buttons on the sides of the crossfader, MIDI in/out especially for sync, but also for controlling?

  14. Will you pls. consider putting in the cool D-BEAM controller from Roland (its possible to license it) on a forthcoming DJ controller, so we can control sweep, filter, effects and white noise, ya even crossfader, pitch whatever with the hands moving in the air!? <3 Maybe also connection for expression pedal too!? It would be so F… cool creative device! :slight_smile:

  15. Can I zoom in & out on the running waveform on the displays?

  16. I have noticed it havent MIDI in/out plugs on the device. But I want to sync up the device to other equipment like the Boss RC505 loopstation. As this was standard possibilities in DJ controllers for 10-20 years ago, I simply cannot understand if its not possible with a modern controller like MXC8000. SO… isnt it possibel in some way? I mean then thru the DJ software and laptop and a MIDI in/out controller? If yes, how will it be possible? Do I need to set some settings in Serato DJ? Serato DJ Pro? Virtual DJ? Use Torq to control MCX8000?

  17. Actually can MCX8000 be controlled by Torq DJ software? As Torq is prepared to control everything, shouldnt it be possible? if MCX8000 is controllable?

  18. Can I also play or download songs from Soundcloud to the device? Can the ethernet plug be used for the internet connection? Or is it only possible from wireless connection? If no, will u come with firmware update which makes it possible to connect internet thru the ethernet RJ45 plug?

  19. Why is it saying v.1.6 for Engine and Engine Prime at the top picture but below it writes firmware update 2.5 ? Isnt Engine the firmware? And is both Engine and Engine Prime working on the MCX8000? Whats the difference?

I really look forward to your answers! Thanx in advance!

This again? If people do not give you answers, or not the answers that you want, within the time frame that you’re prepared to wait for, then there are a couple of things that you can try:

A / Wait some more. Even during lockdowns people can’t always spend as much time as they want to on forums - patience might allow time for responses.


B / Put one question per new topic not 18 (now edited to 19). Given that people don’t have oodles of time (see point 1 above) they might have time to offer their advice, knowledge or opinion on one question, but 18 ??? Nadda. And don’t add any of your own questions to someone else’s existing thread, start anew to save confusion and to avoid the other persons original thread question getting forgotten about

Just trying to help you get more responses.

My own take on this ? If a prime won’t do all the things that’s you want, there’s not a chance that an 8000 will. If you’re still happy to have a really pricey laptop in your rig, then try prime 4 running with its brain off, in virtual DJ mode

These questions was directed to the staff from Denon DJ.

I dont expect others to be able to answer them.

But you’ve hijacked someone else’s thread to pose those questions. If you’re just asking one person, you’d be righteous to send that one person a private message directly, rather than hijack.

hijacked? Sorry, I have spend looong time on trying to get connection to Denon DJ via emails, forums, youtube, facebook etc. and this is for the first time I see an actual person representing Denon, so I simply clicked reply and the questions continued coming. My purpose is not to annoy anyone, u can just ignore my posts if u dont like them. I didnt know where else to get in contact with Denon representive. And Im not familiar or expert in this forums functionality or unwritten rules yet, but hopefully I’ll get better as time passes by. Now we have spammed this forum with 4 unnecesary & timeconsuming messages. Have a nice day.

Ok I’m sorry. if you’re new to forums then some terms and ways of posting might be new to you

The term hijack , sounds violent but just means someone finds a topic talking about one thing and then cuts in and starts talking about something else - like you finding a topic about motorcycles and halfway through you start asking about marmalade.

It’s better to start a brand new topic, in the correct mini forum and ask one question in that topic. Here there are sub forums for all in one controllers, for prime hardware, for Engine prime software, for general chat etc. If you’ve got 19 questions, start 19 Brand new topics. But maybe leak those questions out 2 or 3 per day so you give everyone else’s questions and posts a chance to get seen. The “latest” post display doesn’t have to be like a game of “connect4” or four-in-a-row (or 24 in a row) of your avatar down the post list :slight_smile:

There is a section for suggestions and requests - be in the knowledge that some requests have taken over 3 years from being asked for, and either being added, or someone from denon replying with “cannot be” or “will not be” implemented. Research and programming take time and other things are often more widespread beneficial for more people and have to be done first, ahead of other requests

There’s a different forum section this forum for bug reporting too

Both the suggestions section, and the bug section have a preset, already latex out form of about 6 questions which must be filled out one by one. Things like expected result and actual result etc

Suggestions on their proper form can be liked or voted for. So if you filled out all seven questions on a new request feature form for a new feature, and other people read it and think it’s a good idea they can add their like stick to it and denon can add up those likes to see what requests are most popular- still doesn’t mean it’ll get added quick or added at all - it’s just a guide.


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It’s been less that 24 hours since you asked the same questions in another thread. There was no need to post again.

As people already told you, most of what you’re asking can be answered by reading the product manual.

If you have feature or product requests, they need to be made in the correct forum area, not here.

As for question 6, are you serious? You’re on the Denon DJ forum, asking if there’s a Denon DJ forum. If you look around, you will find areas for reporting bugs, suggesting features, beta testing etc.

Edit: moved posts here, where they belong.

Jay was tagged, I hope he finds the time to respond.

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I can see people spend more time on getting annoyed than helping new members. But thanx for the claryfying words.

I really dont have time or energy to split up all questions in serate groups, finding right groups etc. following up on so many different threads - or waiting 3 years to get answers! If thats how it is to get answers from Denon, Denon is certainly not the right choice, at least for me. In comparison, on Serato website they say they have fast and 7 days a week support.

It makes sence when u have the device and from time to time have 1 question to go in and put 1 at a time, but not when u stand and have a bunch of presale questions.

Actually I cannot even find groups in here, like “Presale questions” (or any other) under MCX8000, it just looks like a huge “Inbox” of issues people post.

The best would apparently just be a direct email to Denon DJ MCX800 support - if that exist?

So…did you read the manual?

Good luck getting a response from Denon via email.