MCX8000 - 2.5 Firmware Update

Hi all, we’re happy to announce the 2.5 firmware update for the MCX8000 which includes:


  • SoundSwitch support


  • Prepare list continue play is not working correctly.
  • Prepare list tracks are shown “BLUE” color unexpectedly.
  • BPM shows “0” in Prepare list.
  • History is not registered.
  • Title becomes “Empty” when going back from prepare list to title list.
  • scratching during reverse play in slipmode cancels reverse play.
  • reverse play is turned off when pressing SLIP button in reverse play.
  • AAC file recognition issues.
  • “Key” is not reflected when loading track from HOTLIST.

It’s recommended that all users update to 2.5 via the downloads page.

Thank you!


A good selection of changes there. Lots of wrapping up loose ends.

I wonder how long it’ll be before someone comes along and asks when the next 8000 firmware update is, or why their essential and critical feature need or update was missed off this well-rounded and much appreciate update.

Thanks for the update.

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Glad that it’s out. I might of missed the note of thanks to the beta-testers for their time and efforts. Regardless, You’re welcome (but I can only speak for myself).


Thanks for the update but i have been testing it and some tracks are not registered when you play them, not show in blue… This is not fixed. We continue with the same problem and it is serious.

You have to play them for over a minute each for them to register as played. Playing them for a few seconds won’t mark them as played

Or if it really is still a problem then fill out a bug reporting form post in the big reporting section of the forum please

I know i have to play at least 1 minute, but this happens playing about 3/4 minutes (for example) and only with some tracks… This is a serious problem: in several hours sessions, i can’t remember all tracks i have played…

I will report this in the correct forum section.


Really??? so long time, probabely last firmware update and you guys just made this changes??? what about windows 10 usb issues? and other issues reported here, our by a ticket in denon website? issues with new engine? come on. its a very lousy after sales and as a costumer of several years i´m very disappointed.

It’s not their only product you know.

This release to the 8000 includes 10 things. That ten things that Mcx8000 DJs didn’t have access to last week. The last firmware before this one was about a year and a half ago. So these 10 average out to be one free upgraded feature, every two months on average, since the last update. That’s excellent output, especially when compared to anything that other hardware makers have, or rather haven’t done for their older controllers.

Have you got a link to the windows 10 usb problem that you mention?


I think I know that is he refereing to but that is just semi-random issues with certain win updates and not mcx8000 specific problems

Hi i’m curious in regards of the SoundSwitch support. I use SoundSwitch with the software they provide and the cable that plugs into the laptop. What does this change in regards of added support with the new Firmware? Why is there no notes? I am also wondering if the Mac Driver was updated or is ver 1.3 is the latest version that was released a few months ago.

Best Regards, Norm

The update now enables you to connect via Stagelinq to a laptop running SoundSwitch instead of USB. The first 3 minutes of the video from SoundSwitch applies to the MCX as well. The only other thing that you must do for it to work is to turn off your laptop’s wifi.

There are no Mac Driver updates that I’m aware of.

Thanks for the info!

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Hi @Jay_DenonDJ, does Denon have more firmware updates in the future for the MCX8000?

Hi @Rodperaza2020,

I can confidently say that Denon DJ has no plans to update the MCX as it relates to adding/changing it’s functionality. Future updates will only be for bug fixes (if any).