Mcx8000 USB bellek

hi, mcx8000 does not show bpm when i plug in usb stick, help

Have you run the tracks through Engine DJ (ver 1.6 in MCX compatibility mode) to analyse the files?

Doesn’t it show when I connect USB without recognizing it?


The bpm of the song that is on the USB from the introduction to the engine does not come out, is there a solution?

If anybody speaks turkish please explain to the man, seems the language barrier is a bit too big.

Ahmet, for the bpm to be shown on the screen of mcx8000 you need 3 things:

  • firmware on the mcx8000 to be 2.5 version
  • file must be analyzed by Engine Prime 1.6.1
  • file must be exported to USB stick using the special mcx8000 export button in Engine