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With prime 4 I can use the sound card to make a live Stream?

Yes, You can use what ever You want to stream with it. A pc or mac with any kind of sound input build in sound card, external, what ever makes Your signal from prime 4 reach the streaming program is ok.

Can’t use prime 4 hardware as a sound? using only the usb

Well, not sure about that. @Reese, do You know maybe something about the usb sound card of prime4?

The ddj 1000 does that

Ddj1000 is a dj controller. Needs laptop to even work. So all music was actually mixed on the computer and never had to leave the computer to stream it.

The DDJ1000 the mixer is independent

I can only access the sound card of prime 4 using the source part of the prime system for transmission

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See an old comment here:

I still don’t think it is possible, but as it shares mixer components with the X1800, it could be in the future (with needed ASIO drivers).

It would be great to connect the prime 4 and transmit the sound to the pc Can you put it on the list of new features?

why are developments delayed? I have prime 4 since nov and so far I don’t see updates

I am sorry for saying this, but I am also a programmer and the development of the software has been slow, which should not be. Denon should launch, for example, one or two features every month.

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Since november there was already couple of updates. Check again… Some new updates are coming soon. As a software developer You should be aware that a complex operating system with sound processing and advanced algorithms is not a weekend job to make, so it needs time.

Yes I have been following developments, and the sync manager was an excellent feature.

To some extent I understand but there are small features that can be implemented and launched. For example, the date and time in the upper right corner, volume control of the rec …

Check it for the request, if it was not requested yet, make one. For aure I know there is main development of the algorithm, and all other small things can be done later.

HI. Just have an answer. I hope, my School English will be good enough. Ist 35 Years ago. :slight_smile: I have an integradet Soundcard in my Laptop. I want to stream too. How can i get the Signal to the Laptop? Have i use the Microphone or Headphone Input from the Laptop? Which output i have to use on the Prime 4? Ich have the XLR Master. Is there somthing to use with Chinch? I really have no Idea how to get the Signal from the Prime 4 to my Laptop. I really dont want to use the Sound of my Camera, i should be really bad. :frowning:

Sadly, there is no Tutorial on youtube. I just find things to stream Computer Games.

My Hardware is: Prime 4 Windows Laptop with WIn10 (MSI Gaming Laptop) Sony FDR AX53 or Sony FDR x3000

Greetings from Germany

Best for You is to use a soundcard on usb and use OBS for streaming. From Prime 4 use booth out with xlr to rca cables or Master output on RCA. I would use booth for more control over the output via booth knob.

I forgot, that i use an Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd Gen. Just for Monitoring and Musik listening on my Laptop.

So i think, i have to use the Booth out to the Scarlet Line out.

To line in, out is an output (German Ausgang), You need to go from booth to Your scarlet line INPUT (Eingang)

Thx a lot NoiseRiser. Now i have to find an Elgato Cam Link, its sold out. :frowning:

in summary, to make a direct live streaming, there is no way to connect the PRIME 4 via USB 3 output? or is there only one solution to connect xlr or rca outputs to pc? what is better to have, an internal pci exspress card or an external usb device to send the audio from the first to the pc?

From what I understand you have to have an external capture card to capture by xlr or rca to the sound of prime 4. This is until they launch an ASIO for prime 4 to use USB 3.0

Think of what you already have at hand.

Perhaps you have another USB dj mixer eg S9, X1800, Rane, Numark Scratch or controller (SX series, MCX7000, 8000 etc) with line in.

You could try going from P4 Booth out to RCA of that controller/mixer

Connect the mixer via USB to laptop

then tap into that mixer via your streaming suite of choice on your laptop

In theory that should work, ive never tried it.

Similar to using the mixer to rip vinyl to a desktop.

Instead of trying to spend money on another sound card which you may or may not use again after quarantine ends.

This ain’t the time to be blowing ones savings except that cheque is still coming in (Boss Level)