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I have nothing. for this reason I asked you what better to do to send my mixed music in live streaming … I don’t know if it is better to put an internal PCI exspress card in the PC, or to put an external device that takes the signal from p4 or as rca or as balanced xlr, and then in output with usb 3 go to the usb3 port of the pc? what is better to have a clean adio as it comes out of p4?

Both will achieve the same purpose.

Quality will depend on so many factors From Source (your music files) to output (quality of the sound card)

Streaming services by default will mix down your stream to whatever quality they use.

External Sound card or Internal PCI express.

An external card will serve you most as you can use interchangeably with different computers.

my files are bought on professional platforms, so clean and perfect. so better an external card than an internal one? which brand do you recommend? and if you can know, I should also buy a webcam as a video source for live streaming, I had read about the logitech 920,930 full hd, or do you have better advice? camcorders cost much more

All good so

Have a look at this post


perfetto.lui dice questo:

For the sake of everyone’s ears: do not rely on the external microphone of the laptop to pick up the sound of the room. Instead, use an audio interface - I like IK’s iRig Stream - to wire the audio from your mixer directly to your laptop (and, bonus: you can also use iRig on your iPhone / iPad, even if streaming it can still kill the battery there). Its price is $ 100 at a good price, and it’s worth it: you get correct sound quality and easy flexibility with level a


and choose this: iRig Stream, because it prefers external audio … also because it can be moved to other PCs and taken on the road, and then not being inside the PC, there is no risk of capturing noises or hums inside the PC itself, being the audio very delicate for these interference problems right? then in his video I saw that he uses the webcams I wrote about above, the logitech 930 and 920, because he believes it is better to have 2 for a good direct mixed streaming, seen with 2 shooting angles, it is more beautiful

the only problem that has only unbalanced rca inputs, and no xlr either…the only problem that has only unbalanced rca inputs, and no xlr even … so now I have no more ideas, because in your link it only talks about that product

Yes this is very popular right now and sold out in most places last I checked on Amazon

Another popular one is the Roland Go Mixer , also sold out on Amazon.

Another one is Evermix4

I suppose you are going to be having a short cable from your mixer to the sound card.

What are your concerns with using unbalanced RCA for streaming?

i have all balanced xlr system, and the sound is much better it has no interference problems, so it is cleaner, if i have to shop, i do it well

Yes I know the Prime4 has XLR but that’s your master but also has the RCA option as well.

If you insist on using XLR then you need to get a studio grade sound card.

i looked at your link … i don’t understand why they all have mic inputs, and not xlr? if they are for mic, they have impedance and sensitivity different from line inputs -----oppure è la stessa cosa? la forma è diversa è quella che si usa per i microfoni, input xlr è diversa

That’s a combo jack my friend.

I suppose some of them can be switched to line level input . You just need to check the specs prior to buying

These ones are also compatible with IOS

I looked at your link … and I see that the inputs are like this: Instrument inputs: 2x 6.3 mm unbalanced jack, and here too I have the same problem, that is, an unbalanced input signal that I need instead … strange thing, this external card I have 2x 6.3 jack balanced output, so I ask, why didn’t they both do the same thing, ie balanced inputs as output? thanks for your help that you are giving me and I apologize if I can bother you

How far away You will keep this recorder from the mixer? 20 meters? If right next to it, then balanced or unbalanced will not make You any difference. Unless You will stay in a place with a lot of radio waves and other strange interference… But I don’t believe so…

but I just asked why don’t they all equal balance? instead of unbalanced input and balanced output? there will be a valid reason…this i would like to understand

You run longer distance to speaker, then from Your source.

ok I see that on the internet it is difficult to find what I am looking for, it is easier to find unbalance input, and output balance, so I will look for a good external card so, however, I wanted to tell you, that the ones you put me in link are in particular for apple smartphones and android (pc / mac after) instead I want a specific for musician and dj, therefore specific for mixer, instruments with software also professional, but that does not cost much

example: chooseereit-21&ascsubtag=confb_6w1gocut7gwa40vysptkd ma ha uscita usb2 con usb3

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Ich habe das ganze nun probiert. Sehr lange. Es hat lange gedauert, bis ich das Micro nicht mehr im Stream gehört habe. Focusrite Software installiert, dann wurde es besser. Livestream bei Facebook gestartet, alles Mono. In OBS soweit alles richtig eingestellt. Was mache ich falsch? Auf der Monospur fehlt ein Teil der Bassdrum oder anderes. Ich habe mal ein Video gemacht. Vielleicht erkennt man da meinen Fehler.

Heeeeeelp. :smile:


here I think I found everything I said above, give me some advice, if you take this:

or this: