LC6000 visibility between dimmed and not dimmed buttons

I have my LC6000 for some days now and I must say that it is very difficult to determine if a button is active or not.

The difference between dimmed and not dimmed buttons are not enough.

I am wondering if my 2 LC6000 are defective or if this is something everyone recognised.

I really hope that this will get fixed with a Firmware update because for now it is impossible to see a difference for me.


What software and mapping are you using?

This does not matter. Buttons without the color option have 3 state. Off, Dim and Full Brightness.

The button brightness is not changing if I connect LC6000 to the provided power supply.

For me the difference between Dim and Full Brightness is nearly invisible. There are only 3 options Denon could provide.

  • Make the dim more dimmed
  • Make Full Brightness more bright (don’t think this is possible)
  • Enable all buttons for color control over MIDI (if this is an option for a firmware update ?)

Currently color control by MIDI is only possible for

  • Pad1 - 8 (documented)
  • Platter led ring (documented)
  • Hot Cue Mode, Loop Mode, Roll Mode, Slicer Mode (not documented, this makes me hope :slight_smile: )

I would really enjoy to have an color option for Loop IN / OUT (different color if the loop is set) or the sync button (green when in sync, white or gray if not.) , Of course there could be even more.

Hey @Aquadics - Let’s get you connected with technical support. Hardware issues are best resolved with our support team. Have you created a ticket yet via If not, I can connect you. Just DM me your email/phone number.

Hi @Anthony_DDJ why would you assume that it’s a hardware issue ? I have 2 LC6000 and both behave the same. Let me know if it would make sense. I really appreciate that I can dm you because with inMusic support I am not in luck. I already issued a support request but never got a reply. It’s only the survey which arrives after some days but my question got never answered :slight_smile:

Are you able to take a quick video of your unit? You can upload it to youtube as unlisted and DM me the link so I can review it with the team. If it’s a hardware issue we can take those steps to resolve it or if it ends up as a normal diagnosis and something we should consider in a firmware update, we can move forward that way as well. Either way, happy to help.

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@Anthony_DDJ Sounds perfect. As soon as I have the Video ready I will DM you. Until then, have a great time.

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It would certainly be a wonderful option in the future to be able to control the brightness of the buttons especially with the 6000 series as when they toned everything down (the 5000s were certainly easier to get around on in the dark as the entire button was lit) the buttons might definitely be a bit too dark. Also maybe separating the jog screen brightness from the screen so you could adjust the brightness separately. I’m gonna go one further as well. Being able to color calibrate our screens so that when we get one unit that varies from another we can fix that ourselves and keep everything looking cohesive and not random. Back on the buttons, I must admit I was quite surprised how dim the buttons were going from the 5 to 6000s. Being able to boost the brightness would be quite wonderful!

Thanks for the feedback @Djscottyb - This would be valuable to add to our Feature Requests section.

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Brightness yes but for color calibrate ? Is this not already something we could expect when we get our new unit. I mean, I never had to color calibrate my smartphone display to make images look the same as on another phone.

For a mk2 version I would like to see a “more quality” jog wheel displays. What I am getting on my LC6000 and what I would have never expected is that in case that I am looking on the display from the opposite side the colours are completely messed up. This is something I know from LCD displays from 5 or 10 years ago but in 2021 I would expect that I can look on the screen from any direction without any color changing issues. Please correct me if this is a problem only related to the units I own.

There are more user complaining on this.

If I compare my SC6000 with the LC6000 for SC6000 the difference is definitely more visible. I hope really this can get impoved.


I think I know why there is this difference between the LC6000 and SC6000. Especially the most affected buttons SYNC ,MASTER, and KEY (symbol) are different. The font and note symbol is bigger on LC6000 which may need more light power behind to get the same bright result.

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Its a long time now and I am wondering If there is something happening in the background. I have seen users complaining in other threads as well.

I really was expecting to get some kind of reply if a fix is on the way or if there are technical limitations.

That Denon DJ was not able to include the LC6000 in the support form product selection after nearly one year after product release seems relay poor. :-1:

I hope that the issues/bugs in our products are not treaded the same way.

(I did not make a EDIT to let this pop up again.)

When it’s just button illumination of screen brightness just adjust your own surroundings eg: shade/light

There’s never going to be a perfect setting or settings options for levels which will work in the strongest sunshine, pitch black, overhead theatrical lights etc. sometimes we gotta make our own shade - just like with any other devices

Do you own a LC6000 do you know how it looks ? I don’t need any advices. The fact is that it’s not usable like it is.

I use mine in a dark room and can’t tell if sync is engaged. It’s definitely not a matter of surroundings.


@Anthony_DDJ Was there someone able to look into it and is there a chance for a firmware update in near future ?

As another solution Denon DJ could provide the rubber buttons as it is used in SC6000 since it would solve the problem as well.

@Anthony_DDJ Is there any news on this ? Do we know in the meanwhile if it can be fixed with a firmware update ? An answer would be much appreciated.

Thanks !!!

(Another solution would be to get the required buttons from SC6000 and to exchange it by myself. Can you guide me and provide me the information how I could order them, what would be to pay and maybe provide an assembly guide ?)

Hey @Aquadics - Let’s connect in a DM and see what can be done.

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Hey all, has this been solved? I just bough a pair of lc6000 units and BOTH of them are terribly under illuminated. I have them connected to my prime 4 and the prime 4 unit VASTLY outshines the lc6000s.

Its actually tough to see the sync, master, cue and other buttons and was wondering if anyone here got to the bottom of it!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @Brian_Lawson ,

I was hoping on a firmware update from Denon DJ to fix the problem but there is nothing so far. :frowning:

I assume that the problem are the buttons which are looking some different compared to the one we have in SC6000. My idea was to get some SC6000 buttons and to change them at my own, but this in turn would void my warranty. :frowning:

I am not using my LC6000 because of this and that there is currently no setup I have to make it fun to work with. Engine OS is still not offering an alternative waveform view which makes it a no go for me.

If you look on the used market there are plenty of LC6000 to sell. I think all because of the same reason ( usability ). It is hard to believe that there is no improvement from Denon DJ after one year. Basically LC6000 could be a good peace of hardware.

Is it really that bad? ive been using mine as a controller for Serato for a few months and haven’t seen these issues to anywhere near the levels you people are claiming.

Surely the darker the room, the easier the lights are to see, not the other way around?

Here is a picture of it in my DJ room, at night in low light.