LC6000 LEDs

Just hooked up a brand new LC6000 to my Prime 4 and I am beyond impressed with the results and ease of use. One question: I’ve noticed the blue and green LEDs behind the buttons (cue, play, sync, etc.) are very dim, and I can hardly tell the difference if they are engaged (lit up) or not. The problem is especially noticable with the green color. Is this a known issue, or is it my unit?

Hi Glitchard,

I’ve got the same setup and also noticed the same led experience. I can’t find a brightness setting for this. My prime 4 is much brighter, but would also be nice if I can dim the unit just like lc6000 or adjust the lc6000 to a brighter setting.

Greetings, Stefan

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Is this only while on USB power, or is it like this when you have it plugged into the wall as well?

Plugged into wall.

I think this was also brought up in another thread but I believe in Denon’s attempt to make the players look more ‘pro’ they may have made things a little TOO understated for some of us. I personally miss the 5000 player’s look but I might be in the minority. It would certainly be nice if we had a bit more control over button brightness. Maybe in an update down the road?

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