Is it possible to connect an RMX 500/1000 to prime 4?

Is it possible to connect an RMX 500/1000 to a Prime 4? Ive looked into it a bit but so far ive not found any direct information on the topic.

You have no dedicated send / return in the prime 4. You would need to connect the master out to the RMX and from the RMX to the amplifier / computer.

Yes. While i apprecaite the type of effects i much prefer pioneers design of effects

Using a computer would defeat the purpose of why I got the prime 4, so its not an idea im fond of.

You don’t need to use a computer (he probably meant speakers). Basically the RMX box would sit in line between Prime 4 output and whatever you’re using as a destination - amps/powered speakers etc.

Another option though would be to feed the RMX from the booth or zone outputs, then feed the RMX back in to a spare line channel (i.e. 4).

Aaaaahhh. Ok so ive got a Scarlett soundcard. I would just need to run it through that or any such device then correct?

If you do as PKtheDJ pointed out, no need to introduce another device.

Prime4 Master output >to> RMX input — RMX output >to> Speakers

It’s not ideal but should work. Only issue is that you will always be forced to use the effects on your maser out and not individual channels (for that you need a send & return).

feeding out of zone back into a spare channel is kinda pseudo send/return with more control potential. must get round to trying this again. i tried before with a pod xt multi fx a while back but was a bit underwhelmed. dont think you will ever achieve the same clarity / low noise as the internal fx

Thats fair given the limitation. I tend to prefer effects over master