Prime 4 + Pioneer RMX 1000

One thing I’ve noticed is how bad the on board FX are on this. (Hopefully fixed on next update) Would love some sort of compatibility to link up a pioneer RMX 1000 as it brings a whole new depth to live remixes etc…

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Suuure, a firmware update is enough to magically add a send return loop connections on the back.


Yep probably not gonna happen. Zone out back to channel 4 perhaps. Fader is the amount of send.

Hi @DannyJay1

I know this might not be practical but couldn’t you just route your Prime 4 master output in to the RMX and then route the RMX to your speakers? Like I said, not practical and will function slightly different than having a send/return but as suggested by others above, in order to add this capability you would require a set of send and return plugs on the Prime 4 and they are physically not there. In my opinion, I think this was because the Prime 4 was aimed more towards the mobile DJ doing weddings and such rather than a club style DJ.

You can also look in to external units that will give you a Send & Return option and then you can properly incorporate the RMX in to your setup but consider the cost and compare it to moving to the X1800 too which does support what you want.

Hope this helps.



Maybe we could use “booth out (L)” as send - and the “secondary mic” as return. The FX will then be mono, but I think that doesnt matter much.

No you can’t do that. forget about inventing or converting something to a send and return; it’s not there and you can’t forge one on the device. Only way of doing this “properly” is with more gear attached to the P4.

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I’ve got the same issue now and am looking for a resolve before I send the remix station back. Did any of this information help or has there been a resolve?


I took a gamble on buying a Pioneer RMX 500 anyways after reading this, confident i’d make it work, and i did, actually… first try and workerd perfectly.

RCA cable red white from output on your Prime 4 to RCA red white to the input on the RMX. Then RCA red white output from the RMX to jack (the big one not aux) right into your monitors and there you go, you have a prime with a RMX!

So You just did a standard thing - put the external effect on master output.

I’m kinda new to all this so i guess i did something standard, just let all audio go through the RMX and to your speakers directly from the RMX. You won’t be able to hear the RMX fx on your headphone or on recordings i think though. Did not try that yet but thats my guess.

You could buy an audio A/B switch for your headphone so you could switch between the Prime 4 headphone and the RMX headphone. (I have not tried this but theoretically it should work)

Yeah i just really want to find a way to use the RMX as it should be, so linked to the controller. Now i only affect the output, i want to just affect the FX. If theres any way (even with buying more equipment) please tell me.

Firstly, the audience won’t notice whether you’re using a R20000 flanger or a R35000 flanger , that’s even if they want their songs buggered about with in the first place.

Remember that the rmx1000 is over 2 thirds the cost of the whole entire self-contained Prime 4 and the dmx just offers effects, no decks no mixer, crap display and to be honest adds a certain sandpapery degradation to audio even when the wet/dry is dry

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I think there are external send & return units out there you might be able to utilize in this setup so that the RMX can be properly used but to be honest, I am not sure of any and not sure of the cost; google it and see what you can find and when I have time I will do the same for you.

Thank you i’m trying though but i’m not really an expert in this field so not sure what kind of device im looking for though. Yeah sure thanks man!

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I have a deadline on a project I am working on so not much time at the moment to dig in but try looking in to this and see if it makes any sense to you. Maybe by the time I am done, someone else might chime in with their knowledge too…

What I picture is you need an external device that has a send and return on it then it should work. Alternatively, and probably the best option would be for each of your channels to go to the external device separately and not just the master from your Prime 4 --This would allow you to use the rmx on each channel individually and not just for the master out of the Prime 4. Hope this makes sense.