How to setup a X1800 or X1850 Prime in OBS for Live Streaming

Hi Everyone,

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up the X1800 or X1850 Prime mixer with OBS. Following these steps will allow you to use either mixer as your audio input source without the need for an additional USB audio interface.


  • X1800 running firmware v1.5.0 or higher
  • X1850 running firmware v1.3.0 or higher
  • X1800/50 Windows Driver (Windows only)
  • Windows or macOS computer running OBS software
  • USB cable


First, you’ll want to ensure that your mixer is running the latest firmware version that includes ‘Broadcast Mode’. This mode allows your computer to see the X1800/50 main output on USB audio channels 1 & 2. This feature was added in version 1.5.0 (X1800) and 1.3.0 (X1850).

Download the latest firmware and Windows driver here

Setup | Mixer

  1. Power on the mixer.

  2. Press and hold the Quantize/Utility button.

  3. From the Utility Menu, navigate to 6. Advanced Audio.

  4. From the Advanced Audio menu, navigate to 5. USB Audio.

  5. From the USB Audio menu, navigate to 5. Broadcast Mode.

  6. From the Broadcast Mode menu, turn the feature ON.

Note: DVS for channel 1 is disabled while the Broadcast mode is active.

Setup | Computer (OBS)

  1. Connect your mixer to your computer via USB.

  2. Open OBS.

  3. From the Sources menu, click the plus symbol to add a new source.

  4. From the source list, choose Audio Input Capture.

  5. Next, name the input and choose either the X1800 or X1850 as your input device.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 5.00.28 PM

  6. That’s it! You should now see meter movement on the OBS mixer when you play music from any channel on your X1800/50 Prime mixer.

Happy live streaming!


Love you guys!

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This definitely did not work for me??? I did everything posted here… I am using windows 10… HELP! Thank you!

So this update is a little odd to me. Personally I would just use another soundcard and connect my rec out from one of my 2 x1850’s to rec.

But what is strange, is I have been trying to find a way in which I could use one of my x1850 as a mixer for ableton. Effectively, I just wanted to use each of the channels as midi with the main output going to mains-not to channels. While trying to find a way to achieve this, I looked at the usb options in utility. I tried to change ch1 to 9/10 -but then I would get no sound from ableton on any channel?
I saw this update and thought that it maybe what I needed, but I put it in broadcast mode (which will likley work for obs) it did not change my result in ableton. Ableon only shows channels 1/2, 3/4 5/6 and 7/8 for output but it show 1-10 in input.
Given my last statment-Im “assuming” when assigning channel 1 usb to 9/10 that it is going to the input rather than output?

Any help or enlightenment welcome.

Side note a midi only mode would be great to use mixer for live pa /studio use.

I dont understand what this broadcast mode brings to the table? I bought the original SC5000s and X1800 mixer 2 years ago when they first came to market, and have been streaming with it using OBS since day one. Running windows 10, I installed the x1800 mixer drivers, then in OBS selected output USB 9/10, made sure the sampling rate was set to 44.1 and it works fine. What does this broadcast mode do different than just selecting output 9/10? There was never a separate audio interface needed. It has always been built in to the mixer already.

The mixer has an interface with 10 in/8 out interface.

I have the same setup… I can’t get sound at all into OBS!!! WTHECK!!!

Hi, Are you running Windows 10? If so, maybe check your Windows 10 privacy settings. They will override any audio interface mappings you may have. If you click Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone, make sure Microphone access for this device is set to on. Make sure you have the Denon x1800/1850 drivers installed as well, which can be downloaded on the website, and then in OBS make sure you select Line 9/10 as your input source. That source is the main output of the mixer via USB.

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Jenna… you rock 100% I of course have “god mode” on Windows 10 and turned off all invasive/tracking app and settings… I definitely have sound now!!! Thank you hahhahahaha shoot me your links to your music!!!

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Audacity had the same privacy thing under Windows10 build 1803 two years ago.

However, many people said OBS still had the issue of only being able to select ch1/2.

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Just so you guys know you can now hook up your iOS devices and record the audio with the video.

It may not be a big deal but a lot of people would like to live stream from their phones.

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Nothing, it’s just a setting shortcut for less tech savy users not to screw something under advanced audio settings on the mixer.

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exact same thoughts… As a matter of fact, in Ableton, I can listen to any channel of the mixer. So I have SC5000 connected digital to the mixer, and in ableton if I pick any channel with ASIO driver I get the output too. So I have 5 "inputs in ableton each channel + master.

I am on a mac-but can and will try pc to see if there is any difference.

I didn’t know OBS could select 9/10 mine always looks only at 1/2. So what I was doing was using an RCA from master out back to channel 1 then doing my mix in channel 3 and 4 and using 1 as a master out. I will download this update as soon as I can and see if broadcast mode fixes this (I am expecting that it will work)

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On my 1800 I could not find any way to send master out over any USB channel besides 9/10. The 4 fader channels can all be reassigned but I could not find any setting for changing master out

I can add any “windows” Sound device to the OBS mixer. I have an x1850 - this one shows 5 output devices in windows (not the ASIO driver - alto that works in ableton in the same way for me). And so if I add these to the OBS mixer I can record all four decks and master in parallel if I wish.

Can it be a difference between the two hardware?

Hi Everybody, I followed the procedure and everything was working fine. It was also working in Audacity. I did a shutdown of my PC, my mixer and went out for one hour of sport. Restarted again everything and it is not working anymore. IN Audacity I have the error : “-9999 Unanticipated host error” … No way to get it working again. So I have connected another PC and installed the software. …Same problem… So it is not the PC. Reboot of the mixer and verified if broadcast is on. …grmmfff… it is not working. Any idea what this could be ?

Hi @PieterDV, Welkom op het forum!

See below for the solution to error -99999:

Hi mate

Ive tried all of the above with no success.

Latest X1800 fw and driver - check, Broadcast mode selected - check, Microphone on in privacy (Win 10) - check,

Audio input capture added - check, Line 9/10 selected - check, No meter activity on obs - still check,

I am one of those less tech savy folk referred to in here

Any idea what i might be missing. Please!!