Broadcast Mode and OBS Use - Frustration

So i followed this guide to the letter and immediately the VU meters on the OBS software jumped up and down with the inputs How to setup a X1800 or X1850 Prime in OBS for Live Streaming using the 9/10 output (mixer was using channels 2&3)

A quick look at the windows driver mixer status app showed “hardware connected” and “streaming”

YAY that was easy

Turned everything off, had some tea. Came back to the set up, booted laptop, ran OBS turned on equipment, played some music… Nothing, no VU change in OBS

Checked the status app “Hardware Connected” but not streaming

Tried everything, unplugged usb cables, turned off/On broadcast mode, changed the settings in OBS. Removed and re-added the mixer.

Checked windows to ensure all apps can use MIC and no problems there.

Any thoughts?

Green tea?

x1800 Broadcast mode ON uses USB channel 1 & 2 AFAIK.

Works fine here

Should of had green tea… Calming

I’ll give it another go sometime. Just soooo frustrating that it worked then after a power cycle, nothing. (win10 latest I forgot to add)

Sometimes OBS forgets a USB connected device.

I will click on the source properties and it will not be at the device, then i select again.

Also check that you haven’t muted the source, check the audio volume sliders in OBS.

Bits Pon Bits

You can delete the source in OBS and add it again.

Worth trying, have had everything with OBS in the past :smiley:

Thanks all.

I had tried delete and re add, cycle through all the input and output options. Still nothing.

Can’t get the denon Windows driver to show streaming in status either.

Will get screens when I can

It worked like a charm when I set up upon initial firmware update. Had a couple of shows and was flawless. Yesterday, the music sound was sluggish and choppy, then I got nothing at all. All before a 3 hour set. Thought it was the computer but hooked it up to another computer and got the same result. There’s NO sound at all through Broadcast Mode!!!

Hey buddy, let me know if you get your broadcast mode to work.

try matching the audio sampling rate to that of your obs…eg mixer 44.1 to obs 44.1

Thanks Mufasa!!! That worked and I also was able to get broadcast mode to work again by “Repairing” the installation of the Denon Control Panel. There was an update to Windows 10 that I think messed everything up!!! I’m good now and happy!!!

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Hey! I opened the installer and repaired the installation! I have a Windows 10 machine. It was already showing connected but not streaming. After the “repair” it’s showing streaming now. Let me know if this works for you!

Thanks all

I managed to get it to work. Deleted all devices from Obs then restarted, seems OK…

However I then got the real choppy sounds and what sounded like lower pitch when I was testing a broadcast on twitch

Both the mixer and obs was set at output sample rate of 48khz, and the sound was shocking. Played with all sorts of obs settings.

It wasn’t until I reduced the rate to 44.1 on both mixer and OBS that it was then perfect, so this may help your issue BlaqBarry. Does seem like a matching rate of 48khz isnt compatable?

It’s 2022, and I apologize for this very late query with regards to the X1850. I too am exploring the live streaming phenomenon. First off, here is the setup I have and it ‘seems’ to be working fine. Have made a recording on OBS, audio output sounds fine. No distortion. X1850 unbalanced RCA OUT connected to laptop through RCA ‘Y’ male to 3.5mm male into laptop microphone input. Selected the ‘External Mic’ option on OBS’s Audio Capture. Would I get better audio using 1850 to USB? Are the 1850 USB ports then OUTPUT or INPUT? Have read the “Broadcast” feature in the ADVANCED AUDIO menu of the 1850. What EXACTLY would that do? Although I am a firm believer in ‘if it works don’t fix it’, I am open to suggestions. Thank You so very much for putting up with these ‘newbie’ questions. I do appreciate your collective expertise!!