How do you do DECK 2 or DECK 3 CUE buttons in Hardware mode

hi I figured id ask a new question instead of waiting in the current one about volume settings

how do you once you get into hardware mode to adjust the Platters was always easy but to adjust Mic you need to hold Deck 3 Cue button and turn the dial… do you hold “3” “CUE” and then dial that didn’t work

same for the USB volume I wanna adjust but you need to hold Deck 2 Cue button… is that holding “2” and cue etc? well none of this is working or just holding the right side CUE button and then the select dial also doesnt work

how do you adjust Deck 2 cue and deck 3 cue buttons

as I only know the platters put your entire hand on the platter to get it detect so you can change the sensitivity

so right now I stuck trying to get usb volume up

update… im sooo lost

so I read other topic 1.2 firmware about cue buttons but that made no sense

there is only cue buttons left and right side now there is Cue Loop and Cue Pads

and holding Cue Pad 1 either side and the dial doesn’t work and holding Cue Loop Button either side and the dial doesn’t work and holing Cue Button and holding 1 and then the dial doesn’t work same as 2 3 4 buttons

so I do not know how you get this to work

and I don’t know what a Mixer Cue and a Cue button the difference is they the same… mixer has a cue button well it has 3 types Cue Loop. Cue Pads, and Cue Button

so im lost

update… nvm figured it out… its not mixer cue or deck cue its Channel Headphone Cue button

Hi @comet424 sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated the instructions to clearly state the CUE buttons above the channel faders.

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Funny, I updated my firmware last night and a) it’s still not clear, why not put the word ‘headphone’ before cue so it’s much, much, more obvious. And b) it’s bricked my platters, although Denon seem to be ignoring that from reading other forum posts, you’ll say it’s either the platter sensitivity or a grounding issue, one that didn’t exist until I updated my firmware. The controller hasn’t moved, no cables have been unplugged or changed, just a firmware update… And now I have to touch the case at the same time as using the platter otherwise vinyl mode doesn’t work.

Also, once I established that it’s the headphone cue not the cue button (thanks) it doesn’t appear to do anything useful anyway, the volume of digital tracks in serato are still significantly quieter than vinyl despite reading exactly the same levels on the mixer as the digital.

Any help is appreciated…

Others have said that The serato Forum has lost of users saying they have platters problems with serato since a serato version upgrade.

Yeah, that’s what’s worrying me, and so far I’ve not found a solution except to roll back… (Hence my desperation)

Oh sorry, serato update - I’ll try rolling that back… Cheers

i cant say for Serato i have it i didnt care for it since i was playing music videos and also i had corrupt videos or mp3s… and in Serato if any corrupt it crashes Serato so those 2 reasons i stuck Virtual DJ…

the platter sensitive once i did the update firmware of the deck… I had to put my entire hand on the platter and adjust the platter sensitivity to +4 the highest setting… it seems once you update the firmware it makes sensitivity 0 but if you downgrade it works fine… but i had to do +4 senisitivty

and ya would been nice they said Headphone cue i was pressing buttons for months and Denon DJ customer service couldnt help me year or so later when i was trying to stream to Livesets i finally figured it out after much frustration… update down grade update… as it wasnt pummping enough volume out the stream/ ;levels or recording loud enough … had to go i forget just under Red on the led meter…

so i cant help you there with it… but i tell ya frustrating as heck… but i having issues with vdj and my database it locks up as i search for songs… i just havent retried Serato in over a year… maybe i will

i like features from both brands they need to work together make 1 good program lol