Export Link Feature

As I explained in my original post - it was a requested feature post.

The post was closed marked ‘request implemented’.

But it hasn’t been implemented.

So what’s going on, Denon? :eyes:

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It’s in there with the other several hundred requests. All requests are a “maybe” rather than a “when” and of course, should be a free bonus, if, taken up.as for implimented / not implemented, some of the feature requests have had so many depths and sub functions talked about either on post 1 of the thread, then by the op or others adding dozens of posts afterwards , saying “well if you’re going to add that then you might as well add blah blah to that feature as well” - then it’s not out of the realms of possibility that not every tweak-request is implimented when the main idea is implemented.

Lots of people wanted /voted for “ I wanna connect a laptop where all my tunes are” and we’ve got that now

@Ben_Hall is not incorrect

The request has been marked as solved.


In some way it is solved but the implementation is different. It’s akin to streaming from DSPs in its current incarnation. Almost like you are your own Tidal.

@Pasha Before you hit that Enter button, the person that made that solved request asked for “Export Link mode”…which should allow one to push rather than pull from the computer.

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Moin @SlayForMoney,

  • good suggestion. Will wireless) works via “unifying”?

  • is it also possible to connect a mouse in the same way?

Thanks in advance and enjoy the weekend

Brgds BeatMaster

I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Firstly the Prime series are standalone systems - for those who DO NOT wish to tether their hardware to a computer. Why buy one if you want to have a computer attached?

Second, they do already have the ability to connect to a computer via a USB cable. If that’s what you want, put it in controller mode and there’s your functionality.

Third, after all the moaning about Denon not having a feature Pioneer has (which we didn’t really need anyway - see above two points) it’s been implemented…and still the complaints because it’s not working EXACTLY the same as Pioneer’s system does.

What’s the problem here? We now have yet another way to connect to a computer, despite the products being fantastic standalone players, and already having controller mode. It does what it says on the tin, but oh no…you want it to work this way and not that way.




While this thread does drift in and out of usefulness at times, it’s (yet) another great advert for why the forums Anti-post bump option needs to be switched back on.

  • Yes, any usb keyboard, find the topic here on the forum for details.

  • Mouse no, they disabled that in the player os

Moin @SlayForMoney ,

thanks for your prompt reply. I will try it out

Brgds BeatMaster

Don’t get too emotional about it, PKtheDJ…

I was originally asking if I’m missing some information and setting it up wrong - as the original request was marked as ‘solved / implemented’.

I fully understand I have a stand-alone system.

I do not use Serato or Virtual DJ. I do not use ‘performance mode’ in rekordbox either.

If the Denon systems were capable of pushing songs from the laptop into the Prime series, then it would be more comfortable to use during long gigs for me, personally.

Many other DJs have worked like this for years and years.

The Denon community has been very helpful and friendly so far. We all have our own preferred ways of working and I was looking for advice mostly. But it seems I’ve misunderstood the latest update and its functionality.


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What difference does it make whether tracks are “pushed” or “pulled”? The hardware connects to the software and tracks can be played. How is one “more comfortable” than the other?

This just seems like yet another one of those “it has to be exactly like Pioneer or it’s useless” things…

When the Prime series are working as standalone players, the USB port is not active. USB is only active when in controller mode.

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I have never once suggested it’s useless, I really rate the Denon stuff and I’m giving it a very fair try - despite several annoying issues with BPM and Grid analysis.

To do an 8 hour commercial gig in a club, the little screen on a Prime 2 or even Prime 4 can get a little bit tiresome to browse through. Especially when I spend all night clicking view, browse, tapping a keyboard, fixing errors because the space bar hasn’t worked.

I’m not doubting as stand alone units they wipe the floor with pioneers current offerings. But a similar export mode would really seal the deal, for me and many other DJs who work this way.

No slandering or denon vs XYZ from me, at all. I suggest you start reading things more carefully before creating an argument that was never there. I come in peace. :joy::man_facepalming:t3:

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Back at you with that one. Nowhere was it written that YOU said it’s useless.

Surely you knew how the Prime units worked (via the screen) even before you bought one? I’ve done long sessions on my Prime 4 and don’t find it “tiresome”. Anyway there are plenty of plain old controllers on the market with no tiresome screens - even Pioneer ones that use the “comfortable” system.

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Sorry but this was totally uncalled for. Nowhere in this thread has anyone compared to pioneer or suggested anything is useless.

I’ve mentioned rekordbox export mode as a reference only, as I assumed the new added feature was practically the same thing.

I’m glad you don’t find it tiresome and congratulate you.

Apologies for giving the Prime 2 a try and getting involved on the forum with my questions.

Proper salty and unnecessary attitude from you, my friend - I’ll be sure to think twice before asking questions around here in future! :man_facepalming:t3: :man_shrugging:t3:


Another thread which shows that anti-bump should be re-activated

I could be wrong but old Engine had the push feature as well when using network play.


Moin @Ben_Hall and all others to whom it may concern,

a little bit of topic in this post, but I want to revert on this:

It’s a never ending story, and a few days ago, I had direct mails with DENON’s staff in this matter.

I learnt that my feature request is at 48th position, and that there are not enough votes for it, to be solved with first priority. So I have to collect some more votes …

Pls. have look a the links down low, and pls. feel free to vote for it.

Good luck and

Brgds BeatMaster







I think, this will do

TBF though, what real club would use a Prime 2 or 4 as their go to? Single point of failure, nothing to argue about. That’s a fact. Nothing on Denon, I would say the same of any club using an all in one Pioneer. If they do use them, they’re amateur at best and you should move on. At the very least, independent units should be used. Maybe I’m just spoiled, or maybe I expect the right equipment at a venue. Who knows?. :person_shrugging:

I think the general theme of your comment is correct, but perhaps lose a bit of the elitist arrogance about gear. Whilst clubs should look to use separate gear that can be swapped out, calling any modern standalone unit ‘amateur’ just nullifies an otherwise good post.