Beat grid question with 2/4 cut time shifts in a song

Just bought myself a Prime Go (which is a fantastic piece of kit), and I am just in the process of getting to grips with my new workflow after moving over from Rekordbox. There are a few things I miss, but in general it is a good thing as I have to interact with my music a little more, and get a bit more hands on with the organising.

I am currently going through a lot of my old funk/disco music and re gridding them (the RB grids weren’t great, and it is a good way to learn), however I am wondering how everyone else deals with 2/4 or 6/4 beat shifts in songs? Diana Ross - Upside Down is an obvious example, David Bowie 1984 presents an even more interesting problem.

Currently I am setting a marker before the 2/4 bar, increasing the tempo x2, and then readjusting back to original tempo to keep the downbeat in the right place (not ideal). In Rekordbox I could just shift the whole grid after an anchor, but it doesn’t appear I can do the same in Engine.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something obvious?

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I do the same as you too. There are no other solutions. I place marker, after halving the BPM (with /2), then I insert a second marker, after which I bring the BPM back to normal (x2).

Moin @Mishta_P,

Beat grid question … is a never ending story.

Pls have a look at this post (and all linked posts)

Phps. @JWill may assist you :wink:

Furthermore pls. feel free to vote for the feature request.

Thanks in advance and good luck in beatmatching the tracks from the early beginning of DISCO :innocent:

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