Export Link Feature

So, I see the new Engine DJ software now has the capability to wirelessly connect to the players with firmware V3.0.

From what I can understand, there is still no way to connect a MacBook/Windows laptop to the prime series with a USB cable, to then search and load songs directly from the laptop. Pretty much like link export from Pioneer which is how I’m used to working.

I’m pretty new to denon and getting on nicely with my prime 2 - I’m now looking at a pair of SC6000s too! However I am struggling without having a laptop to easily search for songs and quickly load them to a deck. The keyboard on a touch screen is my biggest issue. My prime 2 screen is quite small but I’ve used a Prime 4 too and the touch screen keyboard is still infuriating to use in a rush.

And yes, my playlists are all in good order. I do a lot of very long 8+ hour / varied club gigs where I’m struggling without searching on the laptop with a proper keyboard.

I know this was a feature requested and closed as ‘implemented’. Unfortunately it looks like it’s not exactly what was requested.

Firstly it needs to be via USB cable (then link players with an Ethernet cable for SC6000). Secondly, you need to be able to load the songs into the player via the computer.

I have no issues having my entire library loaded to an SSD inside my prime 2. This isn’t about library storage. I just want to be able to load the songs to a player via a computer connected with a usb cable. It’s also handy to download tracks on the fly - I know you can stream on the players but Tidal has its flaws.

Also stable Wi-Fi isn’t available in most clubs or bar or wedding venues. It’s usually password protected or has other login pop up windows to get through which the prime hardware cannot do. Call me old fashioned but most public Wi-Fi just isn’t suitable for djing professionally.

If I’m wrong and I’m missing something here then please let me know! :grinning:

Cheers folks.

And it will never be in standalone mode because the USB cable works unidirectionally. There used to be cables with a special interface (I have one) that allowed two-way data exchange between PCs.

I’m sorry I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.

Basically with CDJs and XDJs etc you can play off usb sticks and also load songs from your laptop in export mode.

I’d like something similar (not copying obviously :eyes:) to that.

A huge amount of DJs work this way and if this function was available - it might tempt more users and venues to give SC6000s a try.

After all, you have this option when you switch to controller mode. Or you take a second Pendrive, connect it to the laptop, turn on the Engine program and do as you wrote, export what you want. In addition, since the last software update to version 3.0, you can connect to your laptop via wifi and access your music libraries on the display. It’s not a problem to do it in the club, just set the phone as a portable hot spot and that’s it.

This is not a solution to my problem, but thanks for interacting.

It says on the release notes here that you can connect your laptop both wired and wirelessly

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This isnt something ive looked into or have any intention of, but can you not set your laptop up as a ‘hotspot’ type arrangement then connect the Prime 2 directly to it, similar to how you would connect a device to your phone to use its 4g network?

Use a network router or switch, and connect via LAN for wired connection to Engine DJ.

From what I’m seeing, you can’t actually ‘send’ or loads songs from Engine DJ into the Prime 2 from the laptop.

Connecting the laptop to the Prime only really acts like hooking up a hard drive.

I’ve already got my entire library inside the unit on a 1tb SSD.

I wanted to use Engine DJ in a sort of export mode to search and load tracks directly to the unit from the laptop to make browsing and typing easier.

Cheers for your reply Stu, always appreciated! :+1:t3:

Sorry but I’m not carrying around a router to gigs 6 nights a week. :joy: I’d rather carry a short USB cable around, because it’s the easier option. Wireless sounds cool but in reality it’s just not necessary.

If pioneer could offer export mode 10 years ago I’m sure the Denon DJ team would find it easy to add this extra functionality.

No probs, i will say though, it might be worth persevering with the screen on the prime 2 as im used to it now and actually find it pretty good, easily the best one ive used on DJ gear.

old engine had it as well.

there is a feature request thread, where folks can vote.

check if its not already requested…if not start one


I agree that a simple “load” option from the computer would be handy, but I think you could probably get round the network connection without using wifi with one of these.


I’m just used to searching quickly and having more on the screen.

I’m also 3 months in and still finding the keyboard infuriating on the Prime 2 (and the prime 4 I’ve used). The space bar is really annoying and it just really slows me down.

It was a feature request. The thread has been closed and marked as ‘implemented in the latest update’.

But from what I can see - it hasn’t been implemented as it was described. The update just turns your laptop into a wireless storage drive with no real function on the actual laptop. Everything still has to be done with the touch screen on the prime units.

And like I’ve already said - there’s no professional working djs out there trusting a clubs wifi to stream an entire 7 hour gig.

That’s why I’m asking if I’m missing something or being stupid :joy:

You do know you can connect a usb keyboard (wired or wireless) to all Prime hardware?


…which is why I suggested a USB/Ethernet adaptor. :slight_smile:

I did not! Will absolutely give this a try! Thank you! :grinning:

But you still wouldn’t be able to load a track into the decks with Engine DJ from the laptop. You’d still have to do all your searching on the Prime Screen…all my music is already inside the prime on an SSD.

If you submit the request on a proper request form on the forum (assuming no one has submitted the same request already) then you and possibly other people can vote for it using one of their ten forum votes.