Engine OS 1.5 Available Now! Beatport link, SoundCloud GO + MORE!

Hey Everyone,

We’re very excited to announce that firmware version 1.5.1 for the Prime Series product family is now available for download!

Download Here

We want to thank everyone who tested and contributed feedback during the 1.5 beta period. Your feedback and contributions help us continue to provide DJs with the most powerful tools in the industry. We’re fortunate to have a passionate and dedicated community that fuels and inspires our future endeavors. THANK YOU!!! :pray:t3:

Here are the full release notes.

Release Notes - Version 1.5.1

New Features:

  • Added SoundCloud streaming service - Subscribers of SoundCloud Go+ accounts can now stream SoundCloud tracks to their Engine OS players.
  • Added Beatport LINK streaming service - Subscribers of Beatport LINK can now stream Beatport tracks to their Engine OS players. Please note that Beatport’s offline locker storage is not yet supported.
  • Added new “Quick Source Menu” for seamless switching between multiple local and streaming sources.
  • Integrated a new BPM detection algorithm
  • Added Microphone Threshold control Utility option (PRIME 4)
  • Added the ability to record microphone signal (PRIME 2, PRIME GO)
  • Added the ability to disable crossfader (PRIME GO)
  • Added the ability to Split Cue & swap Split Cue channel side (PRIME GO)

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where certain AAC tracks were being played without the first 2048 samples. (See Update Notice below)
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain circumstances, audio from the previous track would play at the beginning of a freshly loaded and played track
  • Increased output headroom to prevent software limiting on very loud tracks (SC5000/M, SC6000/M)
  • Fixed an issue where loading a track that is being track previewed would not stop track preview
  • Adjusted mic attenuation default to -0dB (PRIME 2, PRIME GO)
  • Increased the headphone level output (PRIME GO)
  • Fixed an issue where inserting a drive with ‘£’ in name would cause the player to reset
  • Fixed an issue where Tidal/streaming tracklists would appear when navigating through empty local playlists or folders
  • Fixed an issue which caused pops and clicks in the track preview audio
  • Improved FX routing (PRIME GO)
  • Renamed nudge jog wheel sensitive settings
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

Update Notice: 1.5.1 contains a fix where on certain AAC tracks, the first 2048 samples were missing. In order for this to work and for grid, hot cue and loop positions to be maintained throughout the Engine OS Ecosystem, Engine PRIME must also be updated to 1.5.1. If you find tracks that are visually missing the beginning of the track, please re-analyze them in Engine PRIME 1.5.1.



This is awesome! Can’t wait to play with it!

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Mojaxx video too!

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Really impressive. There should be nothing but gratitude for all of these improved and new features.

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Great stuff! My Prime 2 is now updated and Soundcloud Go+ account added/activated.

Works really well. :smiley:

Cheers Denon peeps.


Both 5000M updated via the MacBook method.

We good Denon. No complaints

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Sooooooo…any chance of three free months of Beatport and SoundCloud, like we had with Tidal?


[edit] Just a though - the offline storage. Although you can’t do that yet on the Prime hardware, you can do that on to your computer, right? So presumably those downloads would be playable from any DJ software that supports Beatport Link…

This is amazing!! I have the SC5000 players and they are so much fun! With this progression of improvements you are nailing it, keep up the good work guys!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :slight_smile:


Updated my 3 SC5000’s and played for about 2 hours. Nice update, everything is working perfectly!! good job Denon DJ!


Really great update. Possibly the best update that the primes have had since their launch.

I need the weekend to come quick so I can have a really good home session on them to get to grips with the new features.


I’ve noticed two small things with 1.5.1 on my SC5000s and wanted to make sure it’s not just me. First I cannot get to the layer B color settings, they are cut off at the bottom of the menu as if they forgot to resize the menus to account for the new settings added. And when using sync the master button now illuminates on non-master decks at about half brightness, they still act normally but the master button lit up is irksome.

Personally I dont use layers but yes I believe it doesn’t show on the menu…sync does remais half iluminated when disabled! Edit - Vinyl, slip and master tempo too stay half illuminated

I don’t use layers either but I’m sure that menu issue will impact someone. Didn’t notice slip and vinyl staying lit up but I rarely touch those, those two I can kinda understand being dimly lit when off so you can see them in the dark, especially slip since it’s small but the master tempo button doesn’t make much sense.

@Jay_DenonDJ were these changes to button illumination intentional?

Those semi-lit leds don’t really bother me, firmware is very nice, works very well on my units. I would like very dim leds on the whole unit, but that’s personal preference. Very nice update!

I’m very pleased with this update. Huge shout out to the Denon team! Thank you!!

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Solid update. Beatport sprinkled with Tidal is a great combo for me.

Great update and the new BPM analysis is huge. Unfortunately Beatport will not load and freezes the P4 and forces a reboot everytime. I have reinstalled firmware, reset settings, power cycled and toggled Beatport on and off in settings window. No luck, same issue

Have you tried tidal? At least you’d then know if it’s your prime 4 WiFi that needs attention, or just something on beatport

Like if tidal works but beTport doesn’t - it’s probably beatport

But if neither tidal or beatport work - it could be your WiFi card - can you try hard wired ?

Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, Tidal and SoundCloud are working great. Can’t figure the resolution unfortunately