Engine DJ export Dropbox to USB Drive

Hello everyone,

I have updated to Engine DJ 2.0 but I seem to be running into some issues with Dropbox.

I use DropBox as main library storage but want to export the library to a USB flash drive, that will contain all the music for offline usage. However, when I do this Engine OS still attempts to download the file on my Prime 4.

How can I configure the Sync Manager to export the files, not just the link to DropBox?

Thanks in advance

Sync manager does export the local files, but for some reason the Prime 4 console still tries to pull the file from Dropbox.

I know this is a old video but is almost the same thing you do now :slight_smile:

Hope this help, and did you use the new 2.0.2 Update in both Engine DJ and in the Prime 4 Engine OS?

Thank you, but I have used DropBox integration before. When I used the Sync Manager in 1.6 the files were exported as actual files, not a Dropbox streaming link. Since 2.0 the Sync Manager exports streaming link references instead of a local file link to the music file on the drive, for some odd reason.

Just to be clear. I do not want to use any Dropbox integration on my Prime 4 at all. I want to use the music like I would have exported it to USB from a local drive.

Found this in the forum, maybe this is helping you :slight_smile:

Thank you but this doesn’t help.

Let me clarify:

I am using DropBox on the Engine DJ Desktop App as primary music collection. I am using it this way to easily allow me to use the same collection between multiple computers.

When I go out I want to have a USB with all my music from DropBox, but locally on the drive, not from the cloud.

So I need a way to export from DropBox to USB without needing any sort of internet connection on my Prime 4.

In short:

  • Engine DJ Desktop App: DropBox integration enabled
  • Engine DJ Prime 4: DropBox integration and WiFi connection disabled

But this doesn’t work anymore in Engine DJ 2.0(.2)

Can you not just use a USB Stick instead of connecting the Prime 4?

Hmm have not using DB on Prime 4 so i don’t know yet, but gonna test it today and see if i can create this, And get maybe get you some more info about it :slight_smile:

I am using a USB stick. I am exporting to the USB stick on the desktop app. But Engine OS, on my Prime 4, still tries to pull the data from the cloud, even though the selected source is the USB drive.

Hmm that sound like a … feature that could be a bug :wink:

I have done some experimenting. When you drag 'n drop the playlists from DropBox to USB (without using the Sync Manager), Engine OS seems to be able to use the local files.

The behavior of the Sync Manager is rather unexpected. What is even weirder is that the Sync Manager still exports the local files to the drive while Engine OS still attempts to download the file. The file is on the drive so why even attempt to download it from the cloud?

Maybe is something in the code … you know the evil Matrix code that mister Agent Smith want to hide, maybe is to powerful to use … and can only be used by the " one " ?

Maybe this one is the " one "?

Thank you for helping but I don’t think any post on the forum describes this issue.

This appears to be clearly a bug or unexpected behavior. It doesn’t make sense that the Sync Manager would export the source file to a USB drive if it would eventually be using a file from the cloud.

Just put it in the nice " Bug " department so the know that is there :slight_smile: And then the are gonne do the awesome Matrix fight with Agent Smith and create the " one " feature to rule them all :sunglasses:

I have made a Bug report, I will link it here once it is approved.


Correct me if I’m wrong

  1. You have your tracks in Dropbox so it is synced across multiple devices

  2. Dropbox keeps a local version on the computer

  3. You don’t use Dropbox on the Prime4 (so it’s not enabled)

Just curious

  • Why do you have Dropbox enabled in Engine DJ? I believe this is only required if you wanted to send tracks to your Dropbox collection:

  • Is it required for the local (Dropbox) files to work in Engine DJ desktop?

  • Did you try disabling Dropbox in the Engine dJ desktop and use Sync manager

I am having the same problem. Did u ever find a solution? It is super annoying


Same here! Any fixes?

@Maartenvn @tmsbyr @Ldonavan I have the same problem and I think I found a workaround, for me it worked.

Make a backup of the Database2 folder from the memory you are trying to put your music in case you mess up something to put it back.

After that download and install SQLlite (Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite)

With this application you can open de db extensions where you can edit the tracks to no longer search for the track in dropbox and take it from the memory.

The files that need to be updated are “hm.db” and “m.db”. Open them in SQL Lite and go to Browse data and select the table Track. There you should find a column url. On this column is the reference to the dropbox. You can select all the columns and right click after and select “Set to NULL” and click ctrl + s to save the changes.

Do this for both of the files and you should be fine.

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I confirme this, and i can`t see they fixed this in the latest version.