Engine 2.3.0 Update…

Did Cleveland jump the gun cause there’s nothing anywhere else about this? :joy:

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Hello goodnight! I already have problems with the update, my effects on channels 1 and 3 don’t work! Selection buttons completely off and not working.

Hey @alessandro_Andrade - does the issue still occur after turning the unit off and on again? I think I’ve seen this directly after a firmware update and restarting the unit fixes it.

Upgraded SC6000m over wifi with seemingly no problems.

It’s no use! I tried several times, did the update again in other ways, usb and macbook and it’s no use! The denon dj download site does not provide the previous version for a downgradev

@alessandro_Andrade See my reply here:

I had already tried to download from this link and the option to download does not appear, until I realize that it is a failure in the SAFARI browser on the macbook, when trying through google chrome the options appear lol. Thank you very much, I will try the downgrade and wait for Denon to solve these problems for a new update

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Hello, I just installed version 2.3.0 to my SC6000 and in the editing mode the action of adding tracks to another list does not work for me. I drag the track to the list but it doesn’t add it. You can check if it is in general or it only happens to me. Thank you

To Denon…nobody asked for Nanoleaf control :sweat_smile:, we need a robust music player, not light effect machine.

Spend your resources on integrating of Tidal&Beatport into engine DJ for pc and such features which we are actually asking for and are available on competitor software.

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