Drum & Bass and using Sync

I’m quite new to using a controller, I have Prime Go and a Prime 4 and I really just want to stick them on an SD Card and not spend all this time beat gridding.

I find when I do this with Hardhouse the engine prime software in the actual unit beat grids 99% of all my tracks perfectly and sync works like a dream. There is one track is doesn’t beat grid properly and that’s because it has some breakbeat in the drop down.

I’ve started getting to Drum & Bass recently but this seems to be a complete nightmare when it come to analysing, the beat grid is often off but also the bpm will either show as 87 or 174 and when this happens the sync either doubles it’s speed of halves it making it impossible to mix.

Is there any way around fixing this easily on the Prime unit itself on the fly or do I have to open it up in the Prime software and fix the beat grids and bmp? If I do have to do it on the software what’s the best way of fixing it so that it all comes out when i load it in he Prime as the same bpm type e.g all around 88 or all around 174 ?

  • Open up engine prime

  • go into settings

  • choose 98 - 195 range

  • exit settings

  • select all your DNB tracks…hopefully you have them tagged for easy finding

  • right click and choose REANALYSIS

Yes, grid edit mode on the prime device, you will see an option to x2 or /2 the bpm, you can do this on the fly even after you start playing the track

Thanks @mufasa I’ve changed the bpm settings but how to I select all he DnB tracks in the folder and right click? How do you right click as it’s only a touch screen?

you have to do it on the computer.

Yes, can this only be done in the Engine Prime software? If I then move that same folder afterwards to an SD card will it copy with it all the analysis on the tracks?

So I tried right click but that option isn’t available. It only has the option to select ‘add tracks to collection’

you can do individual tracks on the device, one at a time.

but if you want to do bulk…then Engine Prime

  1. Plug the SD into engine prime,

  2. click on the device panel,

  3. select the SDcard it will show you the tracks on the sdcard only

  4. type drum and bass in the search box,

  5. select all the tracks that show up,

  6. right click and reanalayse

  7. eject after

I’m not getting he options when i right click…

you are clicking the wrong place

click on the F drive in the second panel (DEVICES)

So i clicked the F that just brings up random tracks across all random generes and when I click drum and bass it shows me just two tarcks. Also right clicking makes no difference.

There’s only an option to re-analyse tracks with red writing, but my drum and bass ones are white text.

Actually I can re-analyse - it’s only the one that is been added to the beatgrid editor

ok…lets take a step back

  1. how did you get music into the sd card?

if a track is loaded into the engine prime software player, you wont be able to analyse it…eject the track from the software player

do you look after your tagging before adding the music files to your own collection?

I copied a folder I added tracks to from my PC to the SD card

|No. This is the first time of using Engine Prime, up until now all I do is name the music file, I’ve not needed to do any of this with normal house music

whilst that is an ok method for transferring track files, the best way for engine prime and your prime devices is to

  1. first add your music files to engine prime collection

  2. then analyze the entire library in engine prime

  3. once the music is part of engine prime collection and analysed then use Engine Primes sync manager or drag and drop to transfer it to the sd card

basics of file management

Thanks I will watch this.

I’ve just put my SD card back in my Prime Go and loads of the tracks titles are coloured red text now, how has this happened?

That could be anything.

This video is good in understanding how to do things

and it addresses most of your questions

put on the kettle

  • first 11 mins covers how to get music into your collection

  • from 23mins covers how to send tracks to the sd card the proper way

Started watching…

I went to settings in Engine Prime and set the BPM to 198 - 195

I went onto each track and added them one by one to collections.

I clicked on ‘Collections’ scrolled right down to the bottom and all of them where there.

I selected all of them as a group and then clicked the ‘re-analyse’ option and it went through all of them.

What i have noticed straight away when I add them up at the top is the BPM is corrected, showing roughly 172 BPM for the drum and bass tune.

Taking a look at one track I was particularly struggling with, the beatgrid looks like it’s lined up now :slight_smile:

So what would be the steps to add this back to SD Card? I will of course watch the video.

What I need to do is create a folder for each mix set and I rename the file so that is says something like

A) 5.24 Track 1 B) 4.35 Track 2

Can I create folders and rename files added to them in Engine Prime rather than in Windows?

no dont do that, if you rename the files itself, it will be lost to engine prime

have you used itunes before or windows media player?

there is a playlist panel in engine prime

lets keep it simple

  • create a playlist lets call it drum and bass party

  • now drag your drum and bass folder from your computer drive into this (not from your SD card)

  • now create another playlist for HOUSE

  • Drag all your house folders into this

you can rearrange the music order in the playlist, by dragging them up or down.

  • when you have all your current computer music in engine prime collection…
  • format the SDcard to exfat…
  • now there is a tab called sync manager in engine prime…
  • it allows you to transfer those playlists you created to the SD card…
  • and it will contain the same bpm as the tracks in ep

its explained further in the video i sent

Thanks this is really helpful :slight_smile:

The only thing is I need rename the files, firstly because when you buy them from sites like Beatport the file name has a long numbered code at the begging which I remove. I also put it in a format where the track name is first and the artist is last (most of the time it comes round the other way). I replace that code with other useful info such as the time that i need to drop the following track. Up until now I’ve been adding letters at the beginning as that’s been my way to keep them in order when I view the folder in the Prime Go as it shows it in alphabetical order.

So what you are saying is using the method above I can order them how I like in an Engine playlist regardless of the file name and it will show them in this same order when they open in Prime?

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