Drum & Bass and using Sync

This is good practice and I also do the same

“Artist - Name” is all I use for the file itself.

I do the renaming immediately after downloading and before moving the file from my downloads folder to my computer DJ Music Folder

And I never touch the file again.

Yes. In the playlist the first column in usually numbers that Engine prime generates in the order which the tracks were added to that playlist. But you can rearrange the order by dragging up and down the tracks

You can also have the same track repeating several times in the same playlist

Up to you how you want things to be

When entering the ‘collection’ the tracks were almost all analysed correctly, just minor adjusting like by 1 beat but as the BPM was correct so was the beatgrid.

Used the Sync method from the video and got the playlist onto the SD Card.

Tested it on the Prime Go and the Sync works perfectly = AMAZING!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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all sorted so

please mark both threads as “solved”

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