Brand New Out the Box Denon Prime 4 Screen Issue

I just bought a Brand new Denon Prime 4 ( White Edition ) and right out of the bag there’s a screen problem:

I tried to adjust the brightness on the main screen and it only adjust the jog wheels brightness.

Already updated to the latest firmware and the issue persist.

Gotta say I’m regretting this purchase…I’ve been a Pioneer user for 10+ years and never had an issue, I was convinced by a Guitar Center sales rep that this flashy “white special edition” was the best controller ever and decided to give it a try… but just the idea of having to send a brand new unit for repairs it’s stupid…how do you guys expect people to make the switch when there’s issues that need to be address…I’m fuming right now…

There’s already two posts running for this same thing. Search would have found those posts. Someone at denon asked the first person who mentioned this to log a support call and for them to post back on the original post when it gets resolved

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Yes, I know… but I still decided to open my own post to let them know as well.

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In doing so you lost the opportunity to get a response like this from Denon and instead get lectured and have your topic closed. Can’t adjust screen brightness on New DENON Prime 4 - #24 by Anthony_DDJ


I might leave this open for now, but it will not solve the problem faster in any way when splitting a discussion.


That’s the most stupid answer ever…I lost my opportunity??? What’s this a gamble? We are talking about a warranty issue.

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I like that.

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Why not just take it back to GC and get a replacement?

This seems like a pretty easy, quick and painless thing to do.

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@Djscottyb BRILLIANT solution… Or ray bans they should cut glare down nicely…

GC allow returns for 15 days only, it’s been about 19 days with the controller so far, but trust me If I could return it and save the hassle that would be ideal.

Lol…brilliant solution. :joy::joy::joy:

I’m locking this and leaving a link to the main thead with an answer on the status of this issue: Can’t adjust screen brightness on New DENON Prime 4 - #52 by AIRVince

Please feel free to continue the conversation there.