BPM Analysis, completely off on some songs, suggestions?

I’m SLOWLY getting all my music over to an Engine Prime external SSD, but I have to say it is quite a chore.

I’m mainly a Hip Hop/R&B DJ but really open format. The BPM’s can range from 55 to 130 for the vast majority of my collection.

When selecting update Serato Library, I noticed (After the fact) that many crates did not come over and did not have existing music in them.

On import crates, many of the crates just don’t fill in with music. I really only notice this when trying to find certain songs on the unit itself and noticing they are missing from the normal crates.

I’ve had to go through and manually compare all crates with the number of songs to make sure.

However, EVEN MORE TROUBLING… some songs have completely the wrong BPM on them, not double or half as standard .


Get it on the floor, DMX should be approx 95 BPM, whereas EP is recognizing it at 62.79 for some reason.

At the Club, Jacquees ft. Dej Loaf should be 92 or so, EP is showing 61.33.

Now when I’m on the P4 and sorting my songs by BPM, they can’t be found to put in the mixes at those BPM’s.

I can’t find a way around this issue, other than connecting drive back to a computer, searching for the song, Manually editing the BPM and trying to edit the grid.

Denon, I know this is a topic request as well but can you at least put TAP TEMPO on the unit in the next firmware update.

Now I’m not confident about finding the songs that took so long to curate with the correct BPM and Keys.



Both Mac and PC 2 TB Samsung SSD formatted in exfat. Serato (main software) Mixed in Key and Platinum notes.

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Do a quick search on the forum. @mufasa has the same conclusion and reported accordingly.

Yup. Same issue.

Either wait for Denon Dj to fix the BPM or look into third party library conversion apps.

I use one that has a way to re-input the Serato bpms into Engine Prime.

It’s been like this since Jan 2017 (not counting the pre launch testing periods)

Your Serato library? Do you use iTunes in Serato?

Where are you tracks located in external or internal hd or both?

Be careful what you wish for…Tap Tempo will not help with sorting by bpm during a set…The set list is already incorrect due to the wrong bpm. Eg a 90 bpm song showing up with a batch of 60 bpm songs.

Tapping will be useful if you caught a song in the wrong position in a sort by bpm list.

Be sure to give the following requests a look and like






the issues of bpm’s being incorrect are the same in traktor and rekordbox i cannot speak for serato.

you have to select the range in EP traktor and Rekordbox, the few tracks that fall outside the parameters will have to be analysed again. hold control and select all the incorrect files and scan with a different range.

its standard procedure right now.

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Whilst that may hold true in other software, its not been my experience in EP.

Even if you define the correct bpm Range in settings and reanalyse, engine prime still gives you odd values (33% north or south of the true bpm)

You can test for yourself by downloading any of the tracks OP mentioned.

It’s really only drum and base that the 33% off-analysis crops up in , in any significant numbers though.

I’ve got a few drum bass tracks but once you know the bpm is likely to be out, you can mix accordingly.

For a drum and bass dj though I suppose the quicker that the bpm sensing is adjusted, the better

No it’s not, any type of R&B/Hip-hop is also off.


I don’t do a lot a lot of hip hop but my chart r n b tracks seem scanned ok. That said, I don’t bounce the hip hop tracks around a lot. I only use slicers and stuff in dance tracks

it doent matter if you bounce it around or what, the bpm is off in alot of hip hop / rnb in my experience.

On hip hop tunes I mainly know where the breakpoint or midpoint is and do a simple tight chop mix, so bpm then is unimportant. But better bpm detection would be nice across all the genres

Mixing is the least of the worries when it comes to the wrong bpm detection.


I play at my Saturday residency without a strict set list.

I have a crate of tracks to consider for that venue which I refresh every month.

That crate is sorted by BPM and Key, so I bounce into it depending on where I am.

If a song isn’t where it’s meant to be in that sorting order due to BPM being wrong then it will not get played as I’m more likely to miss it.

Not the end of the world if it’s just a few tracks, but EP is giving wrong BPM for just more than a few rnb,hip hop tracks in my experience.

Poor BPM analysis as been a EP issue for some time. It’s something that’s been reported way before the release of P4 and has yet to be fixed. At this point, I have to check/compare EACH track with Serato (and correct accordingly) before I export them to a USB. It is a very time consuming process that I don’t have to with Serato. If not addressed (and hopefully quickly) this will become a huge issue with P4 sales and consumer confidence. This should be top priority for the development team.


With Serato you don’t have to do that. I like it that way. That’s the way it should be.

I agree 100%. This needs to be fixed ASAP. The way Serato has it works. Make it that way please. I have 15 more days to return my system. If this doesn’t get fixed, it’s going back. I agree that sales will be affected. I already have people returning them because of this issue alone.

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It will be better if BPM analysis could be turned off by the user and import the BPM value directly from the file ID3 Tag. As a matter of fact when importing an external library in Engine Prime all analysis features should be turned off to allow for faster library import speed. The library should be analysed afterwards with custom settings, preferably with waveform analysis only.


No everything is off…Hip Hop, Dance, House…its a mess

I totally agree EP is not good enough.

has this been fixed, i have just got to the point where i’m using the unit properly after a few months and this bpm thing just makes me want to throw it through the window

Yup, try a few tracks with EP 1.5

yes i have just tried EP 1.5

josh wink higher state of consciousness at 31 bpm doesnt sound right to me :slight_smile: