Engine Prime BPM range options for track analysis

I will like to request a “none” option for the bpm ranges one has to select prior to analysing tracks.

I find the current one a bit restrictive.

If I choose a low value range all house is analysed at half time and same occurs vuce versa if I choose a higher range…all my Migos is analysed at double time.

Saying that, it’s easy to just adjust by doubling or halving the detected BPM.

I will also like an option to batch half or double the bpm so one can select multiple tracks and just half or double the bpm.


BPM analysis is very useful especially for building and organising a playlist. On the creative part, the BPM analysis is useful for setting simple or quantized loops and auto synchronisation (if one choose to use it), but we should keep in mind that music is dynamic with variable BPM and therefore analysis of such files is tricky. For this reason it will be a good practice to set the BPM values in an ID3TAG editor or in a dedicated BPM analysis software. Furthermore, Engine Prime software could be updated with an option to choose between BPM analysis with possibility to select a portion of the track for analysis or reading it from an ID3TAG and cue points editing could be fine tuned to frame resolution by allowing to type in the cue point timeframe position directly .

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