Beatgrid Data transfer

Greetings Denon team

I’ve been reading lots of forums on the Denon Prime series decks which integrates with version 1.9 of SoundSwitch. I’m a fluent SS user and interested in venturing into purchasing the Denon setup because of the ability to link the resolume and the SS software that I’ve been using. The question I have is, will the beat grids that were made in Serato DJ, Traktor or Rekordbox also be imported in the Prime Engine software?

Will I have to make new beat grids in the Engine prime software?

I’ve been reading and it states the ability to import all the above libraries. Does that include the beat grids? There is no mention about the beat grid data being imported with the cues, loops,etc.

Are they imported at all? This is a major concern of mine because the genre I play is mostly Disco. As we know, the beats are actual drummers that deviate in tempo from time to time. So the beat grid info is crucial. Especially for the autoloops feature within SoundSwitch for accurate spot on light sync .

Thank you for you future response.

Beatgrids are not imported from any software to Engine Prime.

Only Cues, Loops

You will have to redo all your grids in Engine Prime.

But the good thing is that engine prime analysis will not affect your serato Beatgrids.

So you can download engine prime right now, run some tracks through it and see the results.

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That’s great news in regard to being able to make beat grids within Engine Prime. But what about those of us whom spent countless hours making beat grids in the softwares that I’ve mentioned? Especially Serato DJ. I don’t think Denon DJ’s answer is acceptable. Grid info should have also have been included along with the cues, etc.

So the only way around this then, is if Denon supports HID ( if that will be a future option) then I can use the existing grids that are in Serato DJ? That way I can use SoundSwitch like I’m currently doing.

HI @manmachine, that’s correct that Engine Prime will not import your beat-grids, as this is a different analysis algorithm it will need to do from scratch (as will the other platforms you mentioned.)

Most Denon DJ hard is compatible with Serato via HiD except for the SC5000M but that is coming from Serato very soon.

I hope this helps.


Music to my ears.

What about having Engine use the Bpm in the Id tag as a guide for doing it’s own analysis

Eg imported song has accurate bpm of 85 from serato.

Engine prime should use that value and create grids based on 85bpm

Dennnon connnnversion uttilty is able to di this

Thanks for you suggestion @mufasa but I’m afraid answering this directly is above my skill set :slight_smile:

This would be a great topic to add to the new Features Request section.

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Thanks for the reply Jay. I will embrace the alternative measure you’ve mentioned and await the great updated improvements the Denon team has done thus far.

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I’m just open-sourced my project “PlzFixEP”: GitHub - 16pierre/PlzFixEP: For DJs - Import beatgrids from Traktor/Rekordbox to Engine Prime The goal is to import beat grids from Traktor, Rekordbox etc.

There’s still a few issues, didn’t have much time and the code is quick and dirty, but the core idea is here - this successfully imports beatgrids on Engine Prime on my laptop (tested on MacOs). Looks like it fails on players though (they re-analyze the tracks)

Feel free to contribute :slight_smile: