Feature Request for Correcting wrong BPM with a factor of 33%

Some BPMs are wrongly analysed by a factor of 0.33 or 33%.


The original tempo of that track is 102

i have many other examples of tracks that the bpm is worng by that factor in my library

Both the players and EP just have 1/2 (multiply or divide) currently.

As an option in the analysis menu if a song imported from other DJ software or downloaded already contains BPM info, engine Prime should use that.

Thank you


I will add. Tempos in that range (around 100) seem to be especially hard for Engine Prime to nail down I’ve noticed! Which makes me wonder if it’s just a bug in the algorithm. Interesting nonetheless.

I was curious as to why, then i noticed the pattern of 33%

Can you check your incorrect bpm to see if it’s off by 33%

I will do that tonight actually and report back!

33% means it is likely accidentally reading the triplet pattern in the beat. Agree - a 1/3 button would be a great addition.

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I just checked the maths again.

Using an track of 100bpm (original bpm)

Engine Prime calculation 133bpm

Taking 33% of 133 from 133 is going to result in an incorrect bpm as well.

If 133bpm is multiplied by 0.75 it will give 100bpm

Quick maths.


Yup! Confirmed 33%! We have a winner!!

We are aware of this issue and we are working on this as we speak :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Awesome!! Looking forward to the update! Thx!

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The worst tracks seem to be drum n bass

I don’t mean for bpm calculations, I just mean the worst tracks seem to be drum and bass :grimacing:


I would like to second this request. It would be great if Prime could import BPM’s from Rekordbox which seems far more reliable in this regard.

I will be forced to return my 3x5000M’s and 1x1800 within the 45 day return period if this issue cannot be resolved promptly.

I see that the issue has been open for more than a year which is not reassuring…

I have a gut feeling they are working on the whole engine software. Now sure what’s the wait time on it. But I think they are addressing all the issues what’s wrong. Hopefully we get something dope. I would hold off on returning you gear. But you are in a time frame. So I know time is not on your side. Wish I had good news. Good luck bro!

I’ve built a utility which reads the BPMs from a rekordbox XML export file, and then burns that data into all files referenced in the library:


Please don’t hesitate to share!

If you run an import into Engine Prime (starting with an empty database) after you have burned in BPM information into all music files, and with disabled Engine Prime auto-analysis; the BPMs will show correctly (provided, of course, that rekordbox could read them properly).

Please enjoy,

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I just tried to use a freshly exported USB drive on my 5000Ms and it works flawlessly.

The beat grid is auto-analyzed, WITHOUT overwriting the correct BPM data with false, incorrectly calculated buggy BPM data.

DJs enjoy!

Correction - I was testing with the wrong tracks, sorry about that!

The BPM is overwritten with incorrectly computed data as soon as the beat grid has been analyzed.

Very disappointing…

Dude try 50 cent - In Da Club, this one is reliably out in Engine analysis for me. Not sure what it comes out in Recordbox as I don’t use it

I imported some Latin music into Engine Prime a few days ago. A song that’s originally at 108bpm read at 72bpm. That’s exactly off by 33%. I find it interesting Denon is aware of the issue as of 11/18 but the June update hasn’t fixed this issue. Then again that update didn’t fix anything.

to my understanding I heard that some people from new Zealand. are working or re-doing engine prime over. therefore I guess we have to what a little longer. I know that’s not the answer you might want to hear. but the good thing is that denon is for sure aware what’s going on. they might give us a temp fix. until we see a renew engine prime come out.denon it not going to let us down am definitely positive about that. :blush:

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Re-building software from the ground up takes A LONG time. This isn’t something that can be done in a few months, we’re talking at least a year or two. At that point you’re talking four years after the initial release of the Prime ecosystem. That’s unacceptable, by every stretch of the imagination.

this is news to me, thought their brief was to speed up the development i.e more hands on deck

In the current scheme of things 2 years isn’t exactly super long, as they should continue providing improvements to the current one and concurrently rewrite with a target for releasing the rewrite as EP 1.5 or 2.0.