Big problem after Prime 4 2.1 update

Hello. I came to this forum because I have a problem with my Prime 4. I wanted to try an update from 1.6 to 2.1, but some things did not suit me, especially in playlists management, and I went back to 1.6. But since then, when I start the Prime 4 and load a track on deck 2 and put it on standby to be played, after a while the play button stops responding. The track does not start, even trying every possible way. Regardless of the title or the format, I still specify that all my files have been checked several times. I mostly work with flac, and this only happens on deck 2 anyway. I have to restart Prime for deck 2 to work again. This has happened to me three times already, luckily it was at the start of my set and after restarting, deck 2 then worked normally. But it’s very scary because if it happens to me in the middle of a gig, I will have to stop the music to restart the device, with the reactions of the customers that one can imagine ! I have tried reflashing 1.6 several times but the problem still persists while before the whole attempt to update 2.1 everything was working fine. 2.1 update broke my Prime 4. I read on the forum that other users had read issues, with no fix provided by Denon. It’s really annoying that updates bring more problems than solutions. Looks like nothing is checked before, and the customers are doing the testing. Which solution ?

I reply to myself lol ! By mistake, I have made 2 posts. Guys and moderator went to comment that it was double… And close my post instead of giving any solution, or just saying hello or just a simple welcome… What kind of forum is this ?

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Hi @RapaNui, welcome to the forum! A place where DenonDJ users and owners can discuss and, if needed, help each other were they can.

As for your problem: I hope some other Prime4 forum members might chime in to help you as I don’t have a Prime4 myself anymore to test (or recreate) a possible downgrade/upgrade problem you’ve experienced.

Maybe @Anthony_DDJ can assist if we (the forum) are unable to help you further. The DenonDJ support department is perhaps needed eventually.

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Hey @RapaNui
If you need further assistance, I’d be happy to connect you with a technical support team member. Feel free to DM me if a solution is not found.

@EthanLeo says he has the same problem. So now, are you gonna take this in consideration ? Or going on thinking your machines and updates are perfect and we, customers, are not competent ?

So have you contacted @Anthony_DDJ already?

By the way. I thought you were going to sell your Prime4 on eBay, as you stated under your previous forum username?

@Reese ? What do you mean ?

Hey @RapaNui As mentioned, let’s connect in a DM so we can gather more information on your situation and forward it on. Happy to help.

I have given all the informations in this topic. I don’t know what I could say more. If I leave deck 2 idle for a while, it just don’t want to play anymore. As simple than that ! And this, since update

On the Denon Official Facebook page, 2/3 users had a similar problem! Because they didn’t let the update finish. I explain: at some point during the update we see Engine Os 2.1.1 appearing first, then a few seconds later we see our library in the background (if we have an internal disk) suggesting that the P4 or another product of the Serie Prime had finished installing the OS, when this was not the case at all! They saw Engine Os 2.1.1 and inserted the USB key or external disk or if they had an internal disk they forced access with a restart and there it is! Because the OS had not finished updating, as well as the various elements of the P4 (Mixer version 1.48, Display Right and left version 0.38 and controller version 1.39) they therefore only had part of the controller to up to date but not entirely, it is therefore necessary to check if these 4 elements are up to date and coherent, especially the right and left displays. They confirmed to me in a private message… that they hadn’t waited and seen the progress like on my video from 3 minutes and 7 seconds, they should have waited.

See video:

Yes, that can be useful! If the update was not done done completely. It may be that the right or left display may no longer work or only partially! So, it can be useful for those who have had problems with the deck on the right side, for example! The video shows the complete step of the update, in case someone thinks that as soon as Engine Os 2.1.1 (or other earlier version) was displayed, it was completely done.

It can be a lead for other users, who have deck issues on their P4 or P2 and PGo.

I perfectly know how to update and how to use my gear. On this forum you are always giving “lessons” as if customers who encounter issues were beginners or morons. And after you are flaging like a little child. Dj Star Ethan Leo has the same issue and him and I, we prefer to talk to Denon staff.


For the record. He did not flag you. Someone else did.

Play nice here or I will delete your account again.

“Delete my account AGAIN” :laughing: I’ve never had an account deleted here what’s this story? Are you all sick here?

I am way more clever than you Vincent. So I suggest to stop making a fool of yourself.

Dj.WT F & RapaNui aka Vincent from ProAnim. :wink:

Omg Jason Bourne is in the place. While I still can’t see what you’re talking about, it seems your computer skills are seriously limited. The notions of NAT, MAN network or same domain name must be Chinese for you. Otherwise, it confirms what I read on several Denon groups on Facebook : We must especially not criticize the brand here, because instantly we are assaulted by a dozen fanboys, always the same, who will pretend that everything works wonderfully in paradise, and that if there is a problem, it has to come from the bad user. Instead of spending your time visibly playing CIA spy and snooping on the accounts of those unfortunate enough to come and ask questions here, you better get the news out of what’s wrong and find solutions to recurring hardware and software problems. Guess you’re also gonna pretend that star Ethan Leo’s account is fake? That it is his fault if his Prime 4 stops all alone miserably in the middle of the evening in front of dancers ? That Ethan Leo is not a pro and that he doesn’t understand anything ? So is that Denon ? machines costing 1,800 euros that work about ten times and that you have to send back for each update? I really hope you don’t get paid for what you do, and provide clients with that kind of appalling response. I don’t even imagine what the others should be paid for. What I see is that the number of issues reported here by unhappy customers is phenomenal. And hardly any response is given to customers who have PAID and need their equipment to work. The guy you’re talking about was probably right to put his machine on ebay if he had to deal with your “help” and comments. Thank you for confirming the reputation of this forum and for your non-response. The world is small. The news travels fast. And it is being said more and more that after the wow effect, your machines are sold very early. Too bad, I will seek a solution elsewhere alone. I hope Denon management will quickly notice and realize how their clients are treated here. Ban me what the ■■■■ do you want me to do ? This forum is totally useless and brings nothing to the customers who make Denon eat.

@EthanLeo what is he talking about? You know this guy?

What I do for a living does not concern you, but I know more about networking than you think.

The fact that you categorically deny who you are has NOTHING to do with the DenonDJ equipment problems people have. I’m definitely NOT denying that there are issues. I’ve even put you in contact with staff, like you requested, but you still don’t want support.

Your previous account was suspended for breach of conduct. Your e-mail addresses and ip-addresses have a match. But most of all the tone of writing style is a match.

I don’t have to prove anything. You already did on Facebook and here.


No product is infallible and whatever the brand, it’s the fault of no chance of falling on some defective products or even seeing a problem of use, optimization, organization or quality of files or storage media used!

The problem is that every time someone has a problem, you have one too! And coincidentally identical. As soon as there are people from Denon or external users who ask for further details on the problem and we try to find it, you are off!

I would like all the PROFESSIONAL people who have had big problems to make a dedicated topic and all those who have never had one to make one as “basically make a post poll”.

You should know that users who have never encountered an incident… will never be present on the site or only very rarely, and that’s a shame! The purpose of a forum is mutual aid.

I am a former reseller in a “sound, lighting and instruments” brand in the Rhône and I regularly ask my ex-colleagues questions about product returns from the Prime series and about 70 sold (all shops combined “reduced sale because of the COVID, few evenings so little money coming in”), only 9 had returned, including 3 with problems 1 with a problem of hardness between the two jogwheels and the other an SSD / HDD map problem and 1 for Master led problem and the others were user related problem, since Nov 2021, there may have been other defective products.