Beatport Link Compatabilty?

I Noticed an advert tonight for Beatport Link, and after following it and looking through ‘partners’, sadly Denon havent jumped onboard yet it would seem. Pioneer are already joined up with Rekordbox compatability, as is other brands such as Virtual DJ etc. Personally, having access to Beatport form the Prime would be a fantastic addition, to currently relying solely on Tidal.

Is this something Denon plans to bring to the Prime series consoles any time soon?

Oh ye of little searching skills :upside_down_face:

Just, when it comes whTch out for the poor quality from beatport. They’re only offering 192 & 256 you may have to be careful when mixing from a high quality track into a beatport L track

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They advertised it as “rolling out” last year and the page is still there, listing Beatport, Beatsource and Soundcloud, as well as Tidal. So far all we have is Tidal.

In the UK we have something called the Trade Descriptions Act, which deals with false or misleading advertising.

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I agree. Hardly any of the promised online content has been released or even trialled yet. Sad to see Pioneer has jumped straight onto Beatport integration though, especially as one of the main USP’s of the Prime range, was the online streaming. I’d use Beatport all day over Tidal (quality of tracks dependant), so this may be a major blow for Denon.

Get it sorted Denon!

Beatports pricing though… My wallet hurts just thinking about it.

At least with tidal the base subscription has playable bitrate tracks.

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Still a lot less than you’d be spending if you were buying vinyl or CDs every week, right?

If you’re a working DJ (COVID-19 aside) it should be pocket money.

2 assumptions there, both dead wrong.

  1. I’m in my early 20’s, what is vinyl? CD I barely remember :upside_down_face:
  2. My day-job is a software developer, I DJ on the side purely for enjoyment, just like I’m a lighting engineer/sound engineer on the side, purely for enjoyment. This means I can afford to be quite picky about the gigs I do as I don’t rely on my DJ/lighting/sound income as a primary source. I tend to do only gigs most other DJ’s around my area can’t or wont do such as R&B/Hip-Hop club sets, much like I choose mainly to do only larger gigs as a lighting/sound engineer.

As both a DJ and sound engineer, In 2020 I find it ridiculous that anyone would pay for 128kpbs quality, let alone that any service would even offer that quality. Even to the most un-educated of listeners, the difference between 128 and 256 is quite audible.

Incorrect (i.e. wrong).

Your age doesn’t have any bearing on the fact that online music is cheaper than vinyl or CDs. Especially a flat fee subscription servce.

I did say IF you’re a DJ. Besides, you don’t do it for free, do you? If you do, that’s your decision. Doesn’t make my statement wrong.

Beatsource another streaming service is, as of two days ago, only advertising trials beta.

See the “beta” to the right of the text in the picture… which they seem to have taken during a power cut.

Personally I think for EDM music, Mix Upload is by far the best. You pay for a year’s subscription and you have unlimited downloads where you can actually keep the music. Every day there’s literally thousands of songs released from every kind of dance genre you can think of. Plus it’s easy to navigate by date and subgenre.