Streaming services on Prime 4

I seen this on a Facebook group. When is it available to us all ?

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Hi @Dogsella, welcome to the forum.

To answer this: in due time, but not far away.

Btw. I’m curious who posted the image…

Er, didn’t that roll out last year?

/sarcasm-mode: yeah you’re right.

/reality-mode: not all, of course.

Can you be any more specific in terms of timing… TIDAL is ok but I am hanging out for BeatPort Link integration… I had it in Rekordbox with my old Pioneer and it was awesome.

Some of the old press I read from May 2019 when it was announced said “before the end of the year”…

What’s up @shanepowell,

You’ll never get a heads-up annoucement from Denon on feature release timing. They make an announcement that they are working on it and present it when it’s released. No ETA’s provided. Just know that they said it’s coming, so it’s coming…whenever…

Like Mixlive says - we will never get a response on exactly when. Its here when its here :slight_smile:

I think they ment we would get streaming before the end of the year - and we did. Just not with all the services at once. Guess they will come one at the time, when the right contracts are made :slight_smile:

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I know… I thought it might be worth asking, just hanging out!

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