Your invitation to the beta testing team!

29cce2a868d8bf15a200e4b841ae5755c0284cf8_2_690x159 Hello Everyone!

  • Are you an enthusiastic and committed Engine DJ and Engine OS user?
  • Do you like breaking things?
  • Would you like to help ensure that the next Engine DJ & OS release is the best it can possibly be?

If you can answer yes to these questions, read on!

We are now accepting applications from anyone who would like to join our Engine DJ beta team.

We are particularly interested in Denon DJ SC Live 2 & 4 users, and Numark MixStream Pro users. But we’d love to hear from anyone that’s interested!!

As beta testers, you will be using the latest Engine DJ & OS beta builds on your hardware and will report any issues you find on the private beta forums. Here you will also be able to discuss all things beta-related, see unreleased features, and provide feedback at an early stage!

You will be joining an exclusive community of DJs that are the first to see what we’re working on and provide valuable feedback that shapes the course of our product development!

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved with, the first step is to complete the application form, which you can find HERE, part of which will be to digitally sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Remember, what happens in beta club, STAYS in beta club!

If successful, you will be added to the Engine DJ private beta forums, which in turn, will give you access to the latest beta builds for testing.

We look forward to working with you!

The Engine DJ Team



Just a short question. What happens if the Beta Software breaks the product? Is the risk only with the tester?

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Officially speaking, it is at the user’s risk to install beta software. That said, we test every build we put out before we put it out, and will do everything within our power to fix any issues that come up. We always make sure that we can get back to the last stable release before putting a beta build out. Hope that helps clear it up for you.


Team Denon!

I am done with my world travels and the nomadic lifestyle and have settled into NYC. I would love to be back in the private beta team and have a few feature requests and a bug to report so far. On the Denon Prime 4 and Numark Mixstream Pro Go right now.

Thank you guys, Christo

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Well don’t keep em to yourself , type em into the feature requests form and the bug report form and let us all vote for the feature requests you want added

Would love to a beta tester. I have the mixstream pro go

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Just apply through this link and we’ll be in touch! - CLICK ME!!

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