X1850 sound is ducking and gets quiet

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I own an x1850 mixer as well as two Sc6000’s. They’ve been wonderful except a couple of days ago it started behaving strangely. At first I thought it was Serato and then tried playing music off my usb and SD card and the problem was the exact same. The problem is this: The music seems to “duck” and get very quiet at times…then jumps back to normal volume…and then ducks again. Going in and out, almost as if there’s some kind of limiter on it. Another problem is if I cut the level knob off on any channel it almost has a slow fade out instead of cutting out completely. Besides that’s everything else seems to work completely fine. I’ve tried restarting and I’m positive there are no effects on. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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I noticed that with analog turntables as well. And i believe its regarding too high input volume on the channel even when i switched the internal limiter to off.

There is also a main effects limiter that is toggleable, and possibly one or two other limiter stages that Reese has referred to in the path that are not toggleable. Personally, I don’t think limiters are necessary or even really a good idea. I can’t say with certainty this is your issue, though.

I have to ask: in what situation do you need to quickly put the level knob to min and you need the audio to follow quickly? Usually you use the linefader or ch input switches (miss those from vintage mixer) to do quick cuts of the audio signal.

I can only assume Denon did it to prevent accidental quick overdrive of input/output levels since the knobs are so light to move and unless it takes forever for audio to match the knob position it should not be a problem for you

The x1850 can put out a higher , stronger signal than some other devices.

Could it be that the speakers or amps that you’re feeding the X1850 output into is doing the ducking?

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Def. not in my case - i can hear that “ducking” on the master cue. I mean there simply must be solution for it since we`re not talking about some 100 Euro gear.

Of course i could simply try to keep the gains as low as possible - but it happens also to me when playing vinyl and having some really short peak hits cause of natural vinyl crackles. I have no effects on when it happen.

I`m def. not happy with this!

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