X1850 / SC5000 LAN… Gigabit or…?

I use four SC5000 media players with my x1850, and it seems that previewing, loading, and playing tracks seems to slow down as I get deeper in my sets. I know it can’t be the speed of my SSD, because I’ve tried two different SSDs and a mechanical HDD. The same sluggish behavior happens no matter what I have plugged into the USB port of any of the four players, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the bottleneck must be related to the built in switch on the x1850, or the LAN ports on the SC5000 players.

I can’t seem to find any specs on the LAN ports of the mixer or the media player. Does anyone know if they are gigabit ports?

Does anyone know if I can network the players AND the mixer (using the PC link port) using an external network switch?

I just want to play without worrying about tracks not previewing or loading in a timely manner. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

To my knowledge it’s 100Mbit. That’s 12MB per second, but due to protocol overhead around 10MB per second. Enough for loading a FLAC track in a few seconds, for instance.

No problem. Unless multicast is blocked.

That must mean that using an external gigabit switch won’t make a difference, since the bottleneck would be the media player’s RJ45 port. Unfortunate. Looks like the capability of using 4 media players is restricted by the lack of gigabit ports. I use AIFF files. Might not happen if I used MP3s. Oh well.

It would perhaps give a faster database performance.

Gbit would give you a few seconds less traffic per track. Tracks are loaded to deck in memory, so that’s a onetime network transfer per track. After that Engine Connect info goes over the network.

I’ll try it, and see what happens.

I mean you are right; as it is now, it would not help to get anything faster with a separate Gbit switch.

If the players and mixer were Gbit, it probably would not be blazingly faster per track, but maybe database access would benefit.

Database access is where it’s lagging. I just did a test with a switch. It seems a little faster. I’m going to buy a switch and livestream for 4 hours with it tomorrow to really test it. If there is no improvement, I’ll return it. Hoping that’s not the case though. Fingers crossed.


It could be that the mixer’s internal switch has issues. I’m not experiencing what you are seeing with my X1850.

This happened on my x1800 too. There are no issues with the built in switch. Are you using aiffs? Are you using 4 decks?

You think it could be the size of my library slowing it down?

No mostly FLAC and WAV. Generally speaking they’re similar in size as AIFF.

Most of the time I have two SC6000 decks dual layer. Sometimes with an SC5000 and an LC6000.

My database is around 500MB so not that big tbh.

Try having three tracks playing at the same time, while quickly previewing and scanning through tracks on the fourth deck or layer.

My library is about 800GB. Maybe it’s that. I don’t know.

What cables are you using (cat, length, and shielding)? Everything loads instantly for me when plugged into an x1850, but I don’t use aiff. I use Wav and mp3. Curious, do you get the same lag when playing Wav files?

I only use aiff which is essentially the same as wav, but with metadata and artwork embedded. I will try with mp3s to see if it still happens.

I’m using short length cat6e cables.

Have you tried what I asked the previous poster above? Playing three track on three players or layers, then QUICKLY previewing one track, then another, then another, and so on; jumping from track preview to track preview, in succession, on a fourth deck or layer?

How many songs and what quality are on those SSDs? I’ve got 8T drives with 65,000+ songs mixed 320K MP3, FLAC, WAV and OGG and even on a single SC5000 it get’s a bit laggy on 5+ hrs of play time sometimes. IMHO it’s not the network it’s the memory buffer on the unit, probably due to the fact all the songs have been analyzed but cue points have not been set. I’ve experimented with just adding a single cue point at the start of a song and that track loads faster than one that doesn’t have one, let alone a song that hasn’t been analyzed.

I dont have a x1850 at home, but did a 3 hour mix last night before bed. 4 decks all wav. No issues previewing or loading tracks. Everything was performing as normal.

I am using an Aruba 1930 Switch.

Haven’t had the time myself to test, so was hoping others would chime in and they did. Been busy at work securing some Exchange Servers. :wink:

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I’ve had similar issues this week. After 4 hours of play I started to get really bad buffering lag when loading tracks on the players and I had to reboot the left hand SC6000M. I then lost channel one cue that deck was connected to on my X1850 mixer. Audio was reaching the channel, but no cue output. Lucky it was the last track of the night, as I had to use the second layer on the right hand deck to finish.

@DenonDJ_Support_DE - Has anyone done NAT testing on the USB hub in the back of the X1850 mixer? There seems to be a lot of reports of latency between the media players and the mixer. Surely there can’t be so many issues with SSD drives when there are so many brands and models being used??

I have been having delays on my second player sometimes causes crashes as far as i can see there are no viable isssues with my wires or the port I am using the cables that came with the players would it be worth getting newer cables?

As @Reese mentioned the hardware ethernet ports are Gigabit but limited to 100mb/s by Engine OS.

I did do some maths not sure if it has any bearing but it’s the only thing I can think of

Say the M.db on the drive is 2gb in size

To transfer this over 100Mb/s Lan will take close to 3minutes

Perhaps someone with IT background shed more light.

I’m not even sure if the entire db files have to be uploaded/transferred to the networked player

@STU-C any ideas?