X1850 recording to PC

Hi there,

What do I need to consider to record my sets on my PC from the x1850?

Which cable to use, which software/app on PC, any additional drivers needed in PC?

I am very new to this field and appreciate any support here. Thanks.

Basically a usb B (mixer end) to USB A (or usb c, if your laptop uses those) and then why not try Audacity audio software. It’s free and copes with all the channel options that the x1850 offers

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The cable I’ve. And it’s connected.

But how do I make audacity understand that it needs to capture&record the sound coming from the x1850. Where do I select the source?

Also, my PC signals me that x1850 is connected but I don’t see it anywhere as an external sound card or such … is this normal? Or do I need additional drivers?

You’ll need to install the windows driver https://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/denondj/X1850Prime/Install_Denon_DJ_X1850_Prime_1.0.1.exe I believe you’ll see it on audacity ‘input’ options after complete driver instalation.


thank you @rcatelli and @Pasha! your support helped a lot. I am set now.


Hi guys.

Just reading this post and thought I’d try this as opposed to FL Studio which is a pain to record from.

I’ve downloaded the windows driver, connected lead to laptop from USB 1 on x1850 but Audacity not really doing anything.

I’ve got a list of sources eg. Line 1/2 denon prime all the way to 9/10 but when I press record I get error message

“ error, open recording device error code 9996 invalid device”

Make sure your mixer is set to the same sample rate and bitrate that is in the software, I vaguely remember similar error.

Also, for everybody else’s info, you can also use Traktor and Rekordbox in the free, export mode to record directly from the mixer if you don’t need/want to do some audio processing on the recorded mix before uploading it online.

Any idea how how make sure/ change sample rate on mixer. Audacity has a tab in the bottom that says project rate 44100 HZ.