X1850 Firmwares Databases DOWN

The firmwares database for x1850 on Denon DJ are down for more than a month…:scream:I have only the stock firmware (1.0) on my unit… I can’t update the unit…Wake up!! Denon Staff!!..:flushed:

And please if someone have a stable firmware (1.3/1.5…idk) can I have a Link :pleading_face:

Are you on Mac or Windows?

@Reese & @Anthony_DDJ can you help?

@RedEyesis: How old is your X1850?

@Reese Idk its a second-Hand :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I m on windows 11 :slightly_smiling_face: a guy on Denon DJ group on facebook send me the firmware so that resolve my problem :smile: . But don’t resolve the hidden firmwares on Denon’s page (last or old)

Then I hope you don’t brick your mixer…

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Given the issues with the updates at the moment i would be very very reticent to upgrade unless it was from a trusted denon source. IE denon offical website download At least that way if it does brick it you have some recourse of action.

Hey @RedEyesis - Apologies that the FW is currently unavailable. I’m happy to connect you with technical support so they can evaluate your X1850. Feel free to DM me your email and phone number so that I can connect you.

Why is there not more transparency ? It looks like there are different hardware versions of X1850 and dependent on that the firmware update will do or not.

Sadly, I would not give anyone currently any recommendation to buy Denon DJ gear :frowning:


Came here because the Denon website still says “firmware unavailable” for my X1850 - seems pretty suspicious/sketchy for their current flagship mixer?

Nothing suspicious about it. Did you contact support for the firmware update, like also stated in the same sentence?

It’s questionable for any hardware manufacturer to not release firmware to the public, especially for only one of their products while all the rest have them. And it’s been this way for months apparently.

Yes, I have reached out to Denon in multiple ways.

It was questioned already.

Read up here:

If you want to update, contact support. Let them check your mixer specs.

I have to agree with @dpaanlka. Even that I am currently fine with my X1850 (v 1.5) this is nothing I have seen ever from another company on another website. I would consider it very unprofessional and customer unfriendly that there is no clear statement or a new firmware which is compatible with any X1850 available. It’s now several month that there is no change on this.

@Reese, in this case there is no reason to argue for Denon or to see excuses for them. That there is something going wrong is a clear fact.

Additional, there is only 1 mixer which is sold from Denon DJ currently, so keeping things updated should not be too difficult.

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The problem started with 1.5 and its incompatibility with newer hardware versions of the mixer due to parts.

I already said in the linked topic that better testing should have been done of 1.6, which was the fixed firmware. Don’t know why it takes long to release 1.7 for example.


I’ll never understand why some feel the need to defend brands even when they are obviously having a misstep here. I cannot think of anything like this from any other software or hardware company.

I also want to add that I’ve been a major Denon hype man over the past few years so this kind of stuff is embarrassing to me when so many people have purchased Denon gear specifically based on my recommendation.

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Never dealt with IT products then? Microsoft, HPE, Dell, all pull updates and firmwares regularly.

Anyway. The reason for taking it down was clear: the possibility for getting bricked mixers that owners cannot fix themselves.

I’m not defending anyone here. There should have been a link to a fixed firmware, imho.

I work in IT. Nobody ever pulls an update then crickets for 3 months. Never.

Moral of story, this needs to be addressed and like yesterday. It doesn’t exactly build confidence in Denon, and seriously makes me hesitate to recommend Denon products as I have been doing for years.

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Anthony I own 2 x1850’s and just had a friend over. Using 2.3 my White x1850 mixer which is on 1.5 would constantly have to be restarted, after channel separation would fail seemingly. In embarrassment, ittook out my black x1850 and the firmeware on it is 1.3…-this one had not issues. The mixer was my road mixer so I never updated it out of safety. I forgot that they were on different firmwares.

Can you help?