1.6 update x1850 failure

Help! after an update 1.6 of my 1850 mixer my mixer wouldn’t start anymore. 4 blue lights will now remain lit. see picture. Turning it off and on doesn’t help and the 4 lights stay on. does nothing more. can someone help me? "Hold BACK + FX CUE + TAP > Power ON " does not work. my os is windows 10.

Try and force update mode again and perform the update once more:

Hold BACK + FX CUE + TAP > Power ON

unfortunately this doesn’t work. Only the blue lights come on

I’m having the same issue here, bigger problem at this point is it wont even go into update mode anymore. It only gets back to the blue lights

dude same :frowning:

also don’t get the update screen. the pc also does not get contact with the mixer

is there no key combination to get the mixer to factory setting?

Thats what I’m searching around for at this point

I’ve notified this issue to staff, so let’s wait for them to chime in.


hoop dat het snel opgelost word. hope it gets resolved soon

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@DJJV @wseven - I’ve notified the team of this and will happily connect you with technical support. Would you guys mind DMing me your name, email, and phone number so we can have the team look into this?


I would like to install the update as well but I’m scared now :hushed:

@Reese have you installed it? Anyone else ?

Thank you! :slight_smile: dm sent

dm sent. thanks

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No, I haven’t as I already updated to the pulled 1.5.

Please don’t update until @Anthony_DDJ has extra info on this.

PLease wait,

Hey @Lukas-We Apologies, please hold while I discuss with the team.

on the day my Prime GO was delivered lol - silver linings eh :smiley:

same happen to me :frowning:

have only 12 Hours left for a solution the next party starts in some hours :frowning:

You got any backup plan or kit???

no i need to fix this problem till then. Backup plan is to buy a second one :face_vomiting: