X1850 Audacity Setup Windows11

Hi guys I’m looking a bit of advice regarding this . I’ve got two SC6000’s and an x1850 I’ve been using Audacity flawlessly on my Macbook Pro . The Macbook has now kicked the bucket and has died , long story short I switched to windows .

I’ve been trying to setup Audacity for the last few weeks and I think I’m starting to lose my mind lol . I just cannot get it to record I’ve tried so much settings all different channels 9/10 , Freqs Broadcast mode etc It still throwing up error after error after error . I’ve tried YouTube Google everything seems dated anyone any advice or guides. I do have a Scarlett Solo but I don’t want to go down that road id rather plug usb straight into the laptop. The Laptop is Asus Strix18 with an 13th gen I9 running windows 11


a screenshot of audacity may help windows user suggest solutions.

asio? asio4all? which are you using?

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Screams wrong sampling freq on software vs mixer.

But yeah, you gave us almost nothing info wise to work with. Pics are worth a thousand words as they say :wink:

PS Rekordbox in free, export mode can also be used to record from x1850

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After having another bash at it it keeps throwing up Error -9999 Unanticipated Host Error . I’ve tried every frequency and all settings still getting nowhere . How ever it did record via the microphone on the Laptop which is pretty useless. It wont let me upload any screenshots

In Audio settings its set as

Host = NME

PlayBack = Speakers Realtek Audio

Recording Device = Line 9/10 ( X1850 ) I’ve tried all them

Ive set the X1850 Sample rates to 48k basically tried them all and on audacity still the same i will upload pic to my dropbox

Error 9999 is Windows not allowing you to use the device:

X1800 and Audacity connection setup. I need help - Engine DJ Hardware / Mixers - Engine DJ Community

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Broadcast mode on. 44.1 kHz on the mixer and audacity < mine does not work on any other sample rate, it used to before Audacity went to the new version. Have you installed the driver?

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The Errors went from 9999 to 9997 9996 was finally about to give up until I seen the above comment thank you set the mixer to 44.1 and it worked first time . Thought I was gong out to buy a new macbook lol . Thank you all for your’e help everyone especially Indica big love bro

Now I’m away to wake the Neighbours .

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Sweet! - glad I could assist

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