Will Engine DJ be DVS compatible?

I’m wondering if there are plans to make Engine DJ DVS compatible? This way we can use digital vinyl to control engine DJ with the Prime 4, Prime 2 and Prime GO

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Despite the name, it’s not DJ software (for performance).

It’s just a librarian app for organising then transferring your music to your Prime player.


Will Prime OS ever be DVS compatible? DVS stands for Digital Vinyl System. The player would do the encoding versus a laptop.

Might be possible if they make players that have inputs, or utilize LAN, or the Prime Mixer with LAN.


Im sorry but I just don’t see the point imo. DVS was for those wanting to move to DJ software with a set of analogue turntables. Agreed it was amazing to spin any track as if it was pressed on the vinyl but controllers became easier to use and maintain without the extra expense involved i.e licences, extra vinyls, needles, slipmats not to mention the work top space.

If looking for that vinyl, grab a pair of 5km or 6km which work flawlessly. Otherwise static jogs (midi - LC6000) are far superior over using timecode from cd decks.

Unless Denon decide to reverse shift the whole idea of ditching the laptop and make a “DJ” mode… I don’t see why they would invest time trying to get this in Engine DJ OS for “turntable use”

Maybe I’m looking at it one-sided but I don’t see any other angle.

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And again the senseless discussion !!! Because it feels better to mix with vinyl! And if it is intriegiert in engine os, you wouldn’t need a laptop either. My setup consists of Prime 4 and 2 Technics 1200 MKII. I play real vinyl, timecode vinyl through Traktor, and digital through Prime4. Then I would no longer need a tractor.

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This is how I felt when I bought the 6km.

Sold my vestax 2300mkii pros as they collected dust. Sold my off my vinyls way before as I found I wasn’t playing them as much over DVS.

I’d say buy the m range and trade in the p4. No regrets.

Another option

*Keep the P4

*Download Serato DJ Pro for free

*Buy the DVS plug-in and some Timecode

Everyone has a different way of working and that’s a good thing. I’m not telling you what to buy or what to do either. I think we should try to make Engine DJ better together and not question everything whether I like it or not!

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There is one more option - Get SC5000M/SC6000M - vinyl feeling, digital files, no computer needed


I still have vinyls !!! And why should I sell them now ???

That is a fair point, just said - this is an option…

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You can connect your technics to and still play vinyls. That’s not an issue.

Denon to implement DVS makes no marketing sence. You already have a choice of static or motorised. Maybe a lc6000 m as an attachment to a p4…?!? but to make the system deal with unnecessary CPU stress for dvs and it’s own internal effects etc can get a bit much.

I’m sure numark will make a ns7 reboot with engine DJ added if your wanting the all in one with vinyl but I wouldn’t hope for DVS anytime soon.

Then again who knows what can happen? Its all speculation.

I’m curious, How is adding DVS to Engine DJ OS making it better?

BTW I still use DVS at home with Serato DJ (mostly use Phase HID - saving the last batch of my Shure 44-7)

None of the other all-in-one prime devices have Channel Phono/Line In, only the Prime4 has it.

In the line up ,if at all ,perhaps only the Prime4 can get some form of DVS support, maybe a Rane 12 support may be more likely.

I’m trying to think of how DVS will set-up with a 6000m/x1850 configuration, perhaps instead of a computer you have SC6000m acting as a computer, so basically you are replacing a laptop with a media player that is acting as a laptop. ie

Is the juice worth the squeeze.

I think it would be sweet to hook up my turntables to the sc6000M, use Denon timecode, and control the second layer. Better yet I would connect my technics SLDZ 1200 MK2’s. They would fit beautifully with this system.

We are forgetting that the LC6000 is a controller, just not one in the traditional sense.

What about a Rane twelve maybe…?


I think that will be a nice bonus

6000M/5000m - X1800 - Rane 12

Rane 12 to control 2nd layer


That would be sweet as well. It could be done via the USB hub?

Why not directly usb to the player? USB Hub also is an option anyway.

Because Rane is under the inMusic umbrella, I’m thinking that there will be an Engine OS version of the Rane One in the future. Two motorized platters with a Prime 4-type touchscreen. I’ll bet $$$ on this.

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Hmmmm. Great point! Why not? Not much different than the LC6000,. Both connect via USB and both are ‘inMusic’ products.