Why does "Re-import track information" no longer work? v4.0.0

Ever since updating to Engine DJ Desktop v4.0.0, when updating the metadata within a file, and then choosing to “Re-import track information”, Engine DJ Desktop does not update with the new metadata values.

For example, I mistakenly tag a track “Dum & Bass”, import the file, have Engine DJ Desktop analyze, and then I realize I mess up. So I edit the metadata in the file, select it, and choose “Re-import track information”, yet Engine DJ Desktop fails to reflect the current status of the file and does not update.

This was working in previous versions in this manner.

What’s going on?

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I’ve not run into this specific issue, though I did use reimport to test a db issue and notice it pulled all image data as expected.

I don’t use tags and can look at replicating.

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Also looks like you posted similar here

Two completely different issues, both relating to metadata issues with v4.0.0 that I didn’t see prior. Thank you for your response and concern though.

There could be a number of reasons, but without more info it won’t be obvious since I couldn’t reproduce this.

  • What drive format are you using where these tracks are stored?
  • Are you on Mac/Windows?
  • What file format is affected, mp3, wav, or everything?
  • What ID3 tag editor are you using? And are you required to save the changes when exiting that app?
  • Are you editing the tag 1, tag 2, tag 3 field in the ID3 tag editing application?
  • Which tag field are you editing? Is it always genre?
  • If you were to go back to a previous engine desktop version (you can find them here, just scroll down a little), does the issue still happen in that version?
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